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JCP Universe new website

JCP Universe unveils new website featuring an e-commerce section

Dezeen promotion: Italian design brand JCP Universe has updated its website with an e-commerce section where visitors can purchase an array of the brand's diverse interior products.

Born in 2016 as an offshoot of interior design company Jumbo Group, JCP Universe is a self-described "experimental brand" that aims to explore the boundary between art and design.

A photograph of JCP's "otherworldly" products
JCP Universe is known for its experimental approach

The brand was launched in 2015 after a think-tank held in Milan and is run by experimental design studio CTRLZAK.

JCP Universe's new website features all of the pieces designed by the brand since its inception.

A photograph of JCP's "otherworldly" products
The brand has produced an e-commerce section for its new website

Products featured on its website include seating, tables, cabinets, consoles, bookcases, lamps and rugs, as well as decorative items such as vases.

"The Karst bookcase is inspired by the terrestrial stratification with its sinuous shapes and lava stone," said the brand.

"Not to be missed are those pieces able to alter the perspective of any habitat thanks to their surprising presence, such as the Selen vase – essential in its nature and function – emerging from a Selenite block, or Sideroid Azimuth, a decorative object that encapsulates the 3d print of a meteorite fallen on Earth."

A photograph of JCP's "otherworldly" products
Nanda Vigo's Sun-Ra lamps are included

Many of the pieces are designed to have an otherworldly feel, and a wide selection of designers produced the brand's products, including Milanese designer Nanda Vigo and Mantua-based Alessandro Zambelli.

Also featured on the site is work from Milan-based design studio CTRLZAK including the Selen vase and Naia mirror, as well as the Agment console.

A photograph of JCP's "otherworldly" products
Agaxa stools by CTRLZAK also feature on the site

"JCP discloses a Universe of wonder and discovery, made of furniture objects and complements radically different between each other’s but linked by the common thread of experimentation," the brand concluded.

To learn more about JCP Universe and to view its products visit the brand's website.

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