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Wandler creates reflective installation at abandoned petrol station during Amsterdam Fashion Week

Dutch leather goods brand Wandler has transformed an abandoned petrol station in Amsterdam into a mirrored installation to showcase its latest collection.

To commence Amsterdam Fashion Week, Wandler held its pre-fall 2021 capsule collection presentation on 1 September in the Amsterdam-Noord area off the side of a highway.

Wandler held its presentation at a petrol station
Top and above: the collection was shown at an abandoned petrol station

It took place in an abandoned petrol station, which was selected by Wandler founder Elza Wandler because of its likeness to the bold lines found in the brand's designs.

"Our designs are distinctive in shape, almost architectural and graphic in color and lines," Wandler told Dezeen.

"We thought that a gas station also has these features: clean lines and bold shape," she said. "Such a building really makes an impact and would be the perfect setting for our presentation."

Wandler lit the structure with bright lighting
It was wrapped in a reflective material

The Citydressers, which collaborated with the brand to develop the creative production, wrapped the gas station in reflective foil and installed refrigerator-like display cases and bright lighting throughout.

The petrol station's shop at the heart of the structure became the focal point for the installation and housed the collection within the display cases, which were lit by apple-green lighting.

Neon green lighting was used throughout
There was a light and sound installation

"The green hue represented Wandler’s use of the colour green that defines its collection," The Citydressers told Dezeen. "We filled [the petrol station's shop] with green light."

"We coloured the rest of the petrol station metallic, a contrasting colour which not only emphasised and strengthened the colour green, it also ensured a full-on green glow throughout the entire petrol station."

Guests invited to the presentation were provided with headsets through which they listened to a soundscape while walking from a nearby park towards the petrol station.

The soundscape, created by Guy Blanken, was paired with a light installation by Nikki Hock. Rectangular frames were also suspended from the petrol station, illuminating the space with colours informed by the collection.

Product was displayed in refrigerator cases
Bags and shoes were displayed like artefacts

"I wanted to create a spatial light- and sound installation that continuously modifies our perception of ourselves, the audience and the space around us – a hypnotising landscape, in which I invite the audience to be part of the work," Hock told Dezeen.

"The abandoned gas station in combination with its surrounding trees already provided a very strong image. The space offered lots of stimuli that I merely wanted to emphasise."

Guest at the wandler installation viewed product
The space was lit a shade of apple green

The presentation is one example of how fashion weeks have begun returning to physical events, following a year of digital shows in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

In February 2020, Giorgio Armarni held its Autumn/Winter 2020 show without an audience due to the outbreak.

Many houses, including Gucci, saw the canceling of shows as an opportunity to separate from season shows and create their own calendars.

Photography is by Pim Top.

Wandler's pre-fall 2021 capsule collection presentation took place on 1 September 2021 in Amsterdam as part of Amsterdam Fashion Week.

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Wandler fashion week presentation
Wandler fashion week presentation
Wandler fashion week presentation
Wandler fashion week presentation
Wandler fashion week presentation
Wandler fashion week presentation
Wandler fashion week presentation