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Womb Lamp series by Jan Ernst de Wet via Artskop

Womb Lamp series by Jan Ernst via Galerie Revel

Dezeen Showroom: sold via Galerie Revel, the Womb Lamp series by designer Jan Ernst is inspired by the South African landscape and intends to bring a "primeval energy" to table lighting.

Jan Ernst based the white stoneware Womb Lamp and red terracotta Womb Lamp II on the mountainous terrain of the Cederberg region, located two hours outside of Cape Town.

A photograph of the Womb Lamp series by Jan Ernst
The Womb Lamp series is inspired by the mountain landscape near Cape Town

The area is known for its sculptural rock formations in shades of terracotta, amber, and ochre.

"Walking these ancestral grounds evoke a feeling of mystery and reverence for the people who once inhabited the interleading Stadsaal Caves [Townhall Caves]," said Jan Ernst.

"Enormous voids and cracks shaped by the natural elements created a sanctuary for the first humans inhabiting these spaces."

A photograph of the Womb Lamp series by Jan Ernst
The lamps create a warm, indirect glow

When designing the lamps, Ernst wanted to "evoke feelings of 'the primal'" and celebrate life and birth through illuminance, which gave rise to the Womb Lamps' organic, enfolding shapes and indirect light.

The lamps are said to emit a soft glow, reminiscent of a campfire. They are presented unglazed but can be glazed on request.

Product: Womb Lamp
Designer: Jan Ernst
Brand: Galerie Revel
Contact: [email protected]

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