Dezeen Awards 2021 pubic vote apartment interior

See who's ahead in the Dezeen Awards 2021 public vote interior categories

With under two weeks left to vote in the Dezeen Awards 2021, here is an update on votes cast so far in each of the 12 interior categories.

The public vote, which closes on 11 October, allows readers to vote for projects and studios shortlisted in the architecture, interiors, design, sustainability and media categories, as well as for architects and designers competing for the studio of the year awards. Winners will receive a special certificate.

Voting is open for another two weeks, so get started today!

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Public vote winners announced in October

Public vote winners will be announced 18-22 October. The public vote is separate from the main Dezeen Awards 2021 judging process, in which entries are assessed by our panel of professional judges. We'll be announcing the Dezeen Awards 2021 winners online in late November.

Who's in the lead?

With 37,917 votes received so far, here is a snapshot of which projects and studios have received the most support in the interior categories. There's still time to influence the results, so keep voting!

Dezeen Awards 2021 public vote house interior

House interior

31 per cent – NCaved by Mold Architects
30 per cent – The Island by Clément Lesnoff-Rocard Architecture and Gil Percal
17 per cent – SRG house by Fox Johnston
13 per cent – Canyon House by Studio Hagen Hall
Eight per cent – Softie by OPA

Dezeen Awards 2021 public vote apartment interior

Apartment interior

37 per cent – Still Life House by Untitled [design agency]
23 per cent – Residence W by Fws_Work
15 per cent – Reflections of the past - an Amsterdam loft by Firm Architects
10 per cent – Wood Ribbon apartment in Paris by Toledano+Architects
Eight per cent – Roseneath Street by Studio Goss
Seven per cent – An Urban Cottage by Lukstudio

Dezeen Awards 2021 public vote restaurant and bar interior

Restaurant and bar interior

36 per cent – Virgin Izakaya Bar by Yodezeen
27 per cent – Istetyka by Yakusha Design
15 per cent – Veneno by Monteon Arquitectos Asociados and Pragma Studio
11 per cent – The Peacock Mediterranean Grill by Proper Hospitality
Seven per cent – KINK Bar & Restaurant by KINK Bar & Restaurant

Dezeen Awards 2021 hotel and short stay interior

Hotel and short-stay interior

39 per cent – Cloud of Hometown Resort Hotel by Line+
28 per cent – Valo Hotel & Work by SSA Hotels / Valo Hotel & Work
18 per cent – The Hotel Britomart by Cheshire Architects
Eight per cent – Hishiya by Fumihiko Sano Studio
Seven per cent – Toggle Hotel by Klein Dytham Architecture

Dezeen Awards 2021 public vote large workspace interior

Large workspace interior

26 per cent – HKPI Headquarters by Design Systems
18 per cent – Kadokawa Tokorozawa Campus by Flooat, Okamura & Suppose Design Office
15 per cent – Goop Headquarters by Rapt Studio
12 per cent – Chief Chicago by AvroKO
12 per cent – YTL Headquarters by Ministry of Design
Five per cent – EF Education First Denver Office by EF Architecture & Design Studio

Dezeen Awards 2021 public vote small workspace interior

Small workspace interior

39 per cent – Sher Maker Studio by Sher Maker Studio
31 per cent – Art Barn by Thomas Randall-Page
14 per cent – Siersema by Beyond Space
Nine per cent – Maruhiro Office by DDAA
Eight per cent – DJA Studio by D'Arcy Jones Architects

Dezeen Awards 2021 public vote large retail interior

Large retail interior

48 per cent – Sculptform Showroom by Woods Bagot
22 per cent – Dengo Chocolates Concept Store by Matheus Farah e Manoel Maia Arquitetura
16 per cent – Citi Wealth Hub by Ministry of Design
Seven per cent – Box by Posti by Fyra
Two per cent – Arca Wynwood Design Centre Miami by Esrawe + Superflex

Dezeen Awards 2021 public vote small retail interior

Small retail interior

35 per cent – Flamingo Estate Harvest Shop by Dutra Brown & Alex Reed
30 per cent – Cadine by Ste Marie Art and Design
14 per cent – Camilla and Marc, Armadale by Akin Atelier
14 per cent – Bund Post Office and Shop by Yatofu Creatives
Six per cent – Rookies / Leidmann by Thatenhorst Interior

Dezeen Awards 2021 public vote leisure and wellness interior

Leisure and wellness interior

29 per cent – Waldkliniken Eisenberg by HDR and Matteo Thun
24 per cent – SFC Shangying Cinema Luxe by Pulse On Partnership
20 per cent – Fitzgerald Private Clinic by Kingston Lafferty Design
13 per cent – Goodbody by Homework
13 per cent – CAMHS Edinburgh by Projects Office

Dezeen Awards 2021 civic and cultural interior

Civic and cultural interior

33 per cent – Casa Batlló by Kengo Kuma &d Associates, Viabizzuno and Casa Batlló
15 per cent – Bicycle parking garage, The Hague by Silo
14 per cent – The Floating Church by Denizen Works
12 per cent – The Violence of Chaos by Domani Architectural Concepts
12 per cent – Employment support center Yoridoko by Td-Atelier

Dezeen Awards 2021 public vote small interior

Small interior

35 per cent – Maidla Nature Villa by B210
24 per cent – Ginlee Studio store by Wynk Collaborative
17 per cent – SMS ADU by Bunch Design
14 per cent – The Arena-Papi by Neri&Hu Design and Research Office
10 per cent – Canyon House by Studio Hagen Hall

Dezeen Awards 2021 sustainable interior

Sustainable interior

31 per cent – Bermonds Locke by Holloway Li
24 per cent – Furniture Pavilion S by Rooi Design and Research
23 per cent – Valo Hotel & Work by SSA Hotels/ Valo Hotel & Work
15 per cent – MO de Movimiento by Lucas Muñoz
Eight per cent – Lolita Eipprova by Triiijie