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Liǎn mask uses artificial intelligence to respond to your emotions

Central Saint Martins graduate Jann Choy has created an inflatable mask that reacts to your online behaviour. This one-minute video shows it in action.

Named Liǎn, the mask is an experimental design piece that aims to explore the performance of our virtual selves and the relationship between our online and offline personas.

The mask uses a form of artificial intelligence known as sentiment analysis to understand your online interactions.

Liǎn uses a combination of soft robotics and machine learning to function.

Depending on whether you choose to act positively or negatively, different corresponding areas of the mask swell, changing the structure of the mask.

The mask was created by Choy as her graduate project while studying at Central Saint Martins College. Choy was inspired by the traditional Chinese performance art biàn liǎn.

Biàn liǎn, which directly translates as "face changing", is a subgenre of Chinese opera. Performers wear a series of bold masks each representing a different emotion.

During the performance, actors switch between masks seemingly instantaneously.

The mask explores the relationship between one's real and online selves.

Choy's design draws a parallel between this performance and our online behaviours.

The project was recently awarded the Mullenlowe Nova Awards for Fresh Creative Talent.