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My ArchiSchool's International ArchiDesign Exhibition 2022

My ArchiSchool to host exhibition examining the relationship between architecture and biodiversity

Dezeen promotion: students will explore how urban spaces can better coexist alongside the natural world in an upcoming exhibition organised by Hong Kong-based education institute My ArchiSchool.

Taking place on 16 April 2022, the second-ever Youth ArchiDesign Exhibition and Symposium by My ArchiSchool will focus on Hong Kong's architecture and how it could be reimagined to support the city's biodiversity.

My ArchiSchool's International ArchiDesign Exhibition 2022
The exhibition will showcase the work of students from My ArchiSchool. Image by Queenie Sun and above image by Antonia Villet

The student's work will additionally look into how Hong Kong's buildings could have an overall kinder impact on the planet, taking into consideration the Sustainable Development Goals outlined by the United Nations.

The impact of the Covid-19 crisis and how it has affected our connection to the built environment will also be investigated.

"After these two years of the pandemic, all people – young and old – are under stress," My ArchiSchool explained. ​​ "With the high density of population in Hong Kong, young people realised that we could use design to provide an alternative city lifestyle."

My ArchiSchool's International ArchiDesign Exhibition 2022
Students are aged between six and 18 years old. Image by Oscar Chung

Over the course of the day-long exhibition, there will also be a student-led symposium discussing the coexistence of biodiversity and urban development in Hong Kong, which will be followed by a series of live presentations hosted by the winners of the 2021 edition of the Youth ArchiDesign Competition.

Visitors will then have the chance to attend workshops where they can learn how to make wooden "insect bots" and small-scale models of rose windows.

My ArchiSchool's International ArchiDesign Exhibition 2022
Their work will explore how architecture can be more closely connected to nature. Image by Heidi Liang

There will be over 40 students aged six to 18 showing at the 2022 edition of the Youth ArchiDesign Exhibition and Symposium, which is more than double the amount that participated at the event this year.

Their work will come in a variety of mediums, from physical architectural models, sketches and paintings, to photomontages and digital designs created on SketchUp and other computer software that students have been taught to use in My ArchiSchool's Architectural Design Program.

My ArchiSchool's International ArchiDesign Exhibition 2022
My Archischool is based in Hong Kong. Image by Maia Li

The International ArchiDesign Exhibition will take place from 11.00am to 9.00pm on 16 April 2022 on the Sky100 viewing deck of the International Commerce Centre (ICC), which is Hong Kong's tallest skyscraper.

My Archischool is a Hong Kong-based institution that provides courses for students aged six to 18. Its courses intend to help young people develop 3D modelling skills that can be applied to future careers in urban planning and architecture.

For more information visit My ArchiSchool's website.

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