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Aeron Onyx Ultra Matte chair by Herman Miller

Ten furniture and interior products from US brands and designers

Dezeen Showroom: from durable fabrics that can withstand Arizona's heat to an updated version of Herman Miller's Aeron chair made from recycled plastic, here are 10 products from US brands and designers featured on Dezeen Showroom.

The selection includes contemporary lounge chairs, office chairs, lighting, outdoor seating and carpets.

Also featured is a reproduction of a mid-century rug, which was originally designed by American designer George Nakashima.

Read on to see products designed by US brands on Dezeen Showroom:

Conoid II rug by Edward Fields

Conoid II rug by George Nakashima for Edward Fields

The Conoid II rug depicts an abstract interpretation of a rural landscape, with overlapping lines in retro yellow, taupe and dark blue against an almond-white backdrop.

The rug is a reproduction of the original 1959 rug, designed by American architect and furniture maker Nakashima for carpet brand Edward Fields.

Conoid II is named after Nakashima's studio located in New Hope, Pennsylvania, where the original rug is displayed.

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Gimbal Rocker chair by Hightower

Gimbal Rocker lounge chair by Justin Champaign for Hightower

Designed and made in the US, the Gimbal Rocker lounge chair has a base that facilitates natural rocking and swivel movements, allowing users to fidget while sitting in it.

According to Hightower, subtle movements can help improve focus, memory and attention, while the cushioned seat means users can sit comfortably for longer.

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Climbing Roses by Talk Carpet

Climbing Roses carpet by Talk Carpet

New York flooring brand Talk Carpet created a carpet design to raise awareness and money for those living with HIV and AIDS.

Called Climbing Roses, the abstract design was informed by a flower installation created by florist Jeff Leatham for the Getty Center in Los Angeles, California.

The red swirls also reference red ribbons, which are worn as a symbol of support to those impacted by HIV and AIDS.

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Shapes From Home collection by Levi Christiansen

Shapes from Home furniture collection by Levi Christiansen

Shapes from Home is a furniture collection made up of tables, seating and shelving, created by American designer Levi Christiansen.

Made with traditional woodworking techniques, each piece in the collection has a surrealist form that was derived from dreams Christiansen had as a child.

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Coast fabrics by Ultrafabrics

Coast outdoor fabric by Ultrafabrics

Coast is a durable fabric created by textile manufacturer Ultrafabrics, which is available in a colour range that was informed by the tranquility of the coastline.

The brand carried out rigorous testing on the fabric to ensure its durability, including weathering tests in the dry heat of Arizona and the humid climate of Florida.

In both tests, the fabric was able to maintain its appearance, performance and quality without peeling or cracking.

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Method lounge chair by Blu Dot

Method lounge chair by Blu Dot

Designed by US furniture brand Blue Dot, the Method lounge chair is a playful silhouette with a slim seat, back and armrests set atop a steel frame.

The seat is upholstered in leather and its backrest in velvet. It is available in a range of colours including ivory, green, tomato red and ink grey.

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Sky Dome pendant lighting by Pablo Designs

Sky Dome pendant lighting system by Pablo Designs

Sky Dome is a modular pendant lighting system with pressed wood shade reflectors that comes in walnut or white oak finishes.

Created by San Francisco brand Pablo Designs, Sky Dome is designed to offer sleek and modern lighting to hospitality and residential settings.

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Aeron Onyx Ultra Matte chair by Herman Miller

Aeron Onyx Ultra Matte by Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick for Herman Miller

Aeron Onyx Ultra Matte is a more sustainable version of the Aeron office chair, an ergonomic chair originally designed by American designers Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick for Herman Miller in 1994.

The Aeron Onyx Ultra Matte chair uses material made from ocean-bound plastic for its frame and tilt covers, with each chair using between 23 and 114 recycled plastic water bottles.

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Askew seating by StyleNations

Askew chair by StyleNations

The Askew chair by StyleNations consists of geometric seat and back cushions with a contrasting sculptural frame and is available in a range of finishes.

The chair has a contemporary, timeless design with large cushions intended to give an inviting appearance.

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Otti modular outdoor seating by Sutherland Furniture

Otti modular outdoor seating by Vincent Van Duysen for Sutherland Furniture

Created by Sutherland Furniture, Otti is a collection of customisable outdoor seating, including sectional and three-seater sofas, chaise longues and armchairs.

The modular nature of the collection enables users to create various arrangements and configurations of the furniture.

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