HP large-format printers for remote working

HP calls for "seamless remote working" for architects and engineers

Promotion: technology brand HP has identified how its range of large-format printers can support architecture, engineering and construction professionals working from home.

As remote working has become the preferred option for many since the pandemic, HP is focused on improving connectivity for teams working across different locations.

Recognising the importance of collaboration in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) sector, it has identified how its products can support a concept of "seamless remote working".

HP large-format printers for remote working
HP printers can support team communication when working from home

"Creating the spaces and workplaces of tomorrow is the great challenge of today; to design and build spaces for people to work and live in that are more secure, sustainable, and inclusive," said HP.

"Because the fixed office is no longer a given, hybrid spaces are the ways in which we will live and work in the future," it continued.

"Success lies in having the means to stay connected, creative and healthy while working from home."

HP large-format printers for remote working
Printers can support integration between physical and digital working

Industry research suggests that two thirds of construction firms will retain home working after the pandemic, while 77 per cent of professional architects plan to work from home to save money.

HP has developed guidance to show how its large-format printers can support these remote working setups.

HP large-format printers for remote working
Printed drawings can help to reduce communication errors

It firstly advises the use of high-spec computer hardware, to enable fast networking and cope with various software packages such as BIM, augmented and virtual reality, and 3D design tools, which can put a strain on operating systems.

It suggests that HP large-format printers can support integration between physical and digital working, helping to make sense of complex plans and reducing errors.

"Digital representations are useful but can introduce errors by confusing distances and relative positions, whereas printed versions are unambiguous," said HP.

HP large-format printers for remote working
HP large-format printers allow users to print from anywhere

These printers can also support collaboration, by creating opportunities for real-time brainstorms and white-boarding.

Connected tools make it possible for users to print from anywhere, from any device, while built-in scanners make it easy for sketches or hand-annotated drawings to be shared with colleagues.

Endpoint protection is incorporated, to offer optimal security from hackers.

The guidance also advises a focus on wellbeing. Tips include substituting a commute for a morning walk, creating an ergonomic workspace and making a conscious effort to improve nutrition.

HP large-format printers for remote working
Built-in scanners allow colleagues to share hand-annotated drawings

"Reliable and intuitive technology" can support all of these activities, according to HP.

"By relying on the right environment, routines and equipment, such as large-format printers, AEC professionals can maintain productivity, collaboration and relationships with team members and clients who are also working remotely," it said.

"Technology and collaboration will help talented teams redesign and rebuild the world more sustainably and effectively."

For more information about HP's DesignJet range, visit the brand's website. Register now for HP's AEC webinar series, which aims to explain how leading specialists are helping to build a better world through smarter design and construction. 

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