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Inside Auroboros' event space in Decentraland

Voxel Architects designs "mystic" virtual arena to host Metaverse Fashion Week closing event

Digital fashion brand Auroboros has collaborated with architecture studio Voxel Architects to create a rocket-shaped virtual building to host the closing event of Metaverse Fashion Week tonight.

The digital building, which is located in the luxury fashion district of browser-based metaverse world Decentraland, was designed to encourage exploration and interaction among guests.

The exterior of a building showcasing designs by Auroboros
Auroboros will host the closing event of Metaverse Fashion Week inside a rocket-shaped digital building

"The space was built in mind as an explorative scape for the visitor to not only learn more about the collection and Auroboros, but to engage in a way that would not be possible physically," said Alissa Aulbekova and Paula Sello, co-founders of Auroboros.

"Inspired by organic, mystical shapes, it is designed for all guests to enjoy the performance and see the collection up close from a 360-degree angle."

A round event space with designs by Auroboros
Voxel Architects created a building that invites exploration

Inside, six looks from the Auroboros's latest digital clothing collection Biomimicry will be shown. Like the building, the collection is inspired by nature and features feathery dresses and nymph-like two pieces that are accessorised with fringing that looks like seaweed.

While items in the collection have already been exhibited at London Design Festival and London Fashion Week 2021, this is the first time people will be able to purchase garments as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) at a later auction via curated NFT marketplace UNXD.

A digital purple portal with a snake inside
Spiralling steps around a portal lead up to a performance space

Alongside browsing the display of digital Auroboros clothing, Metaverse Fashion Week (MVFW) attendees can play games to win physical fine jewellery, interact with a cascading purple snake and climb spiralling steps.

From here, they'll be able to watch a performance by singer Grimes, who is set to perform a DJ set at the event while dressed in the brand's Mystique wearable – a skin-tight bodysuit that references outfits in the film Black Panther.

A model wearing a mini two-piece by Auroboros
Digital garments from the Biomimicry collection will be on show

MVFW is a four-day digital fashion event with a schedule that includes runway shows, afterparties and pop-up shops.

Self-described as a "digital-born" fashion brand, the co-founders of Auroboros hope that the closing show marks a transition toward a more digital future for fashion.

"Moving away from the classic catwalk that no longer feels relevant, particularly in a virtual world, we are showcasing our space as a community launch for a more personal approach to our audience and collectors," said Aulbekova.

"With mass adoption for both the crypto ecosystem and more recently now the fashion industry, MVFW is a defining moment for everyone creating and investing in digital fashion."

A digital wearable silver tiara
Guests will be able to bid for accessories and clothes as NFTs

The event takes place as more companies look beyond traditional fashion runways and sets, and begin to embrace the immersive and creative appeal of the metaverse.

Previously, Jonathan Simkhai has hosted a fashion show on virtual world Second Life, while Congolese brand Hanifa launched its Pink Label Congo fashion collection on Instagram Live.

Images courtesy of Auroboros.

Metaverse Fashion Week started on 24 March. Auroboros' event takes place on 26 March. See Dezeen Events Guide for an up-to-date list of architecture and design events taking place around the world.