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Damla Aras incorporates OLED display into Tiny foldable desk and shelf

In this video showcasing the finalists of Dezeen and LG Display's OLEDs Go! competition, Turkish designer Damla Aras explains her concept for a foldable desk with a retractable OLED screen.

As its name suggests, Turkish designer Aras designed Tiny in response to the spatial challenges that come with home working. Its space-saving design means it can be compacted into smaller forms to maximise both space within the home.

Tiny is designed to be a shelf, display unit and desk all in one

The design makes use of LG Display's rollable technology to integrate a 32-inch OLED screen within the desk.

The OLED screen can be incrementally retracted to operate in various modes. The full-view option allows it to be used as a computer monitor or television, while the low-view option is designed to be used as a sound system.

Aras designed Tiny to fit in a variety of interiors

The zero-view option, which fully retracts the screen, provides users the opportunity for downtime away from technology as well as allowing users to maximise on desk space for focused work.

Tiny is also equipped with a cable management system that enables users to conceal charging cables and wires neatly.

Tiny can be used as a sound system in low-view mode

When the work day is finished and the desk is no longer required, Tiny can be folded to double up as a shelf where decorative items can be displayed to further blend in with its surroundings.

Tiny is designed to have a minimal footprint in that the desk can be mounted onto a wall or rest on a stand in order to free up floor space in small interior settings.

LG Tiny
Users can use Tiny as a monitor or traditional TV display

It is designed in three colour options to suit a wide range of interiors, including Calm Green, Dusty Rose and Silver White.

"Working from home provides challenges, especially for people with less space," said Aras. "Tiny allows people to adapt a small space to switch between working and living."

LG Tiny interior
Tiny is designed to be adaptable for hybrid workspaces

The design is one of five finalists in Dezeen and LG Display's OLEDs Go! competition, a global contest looking for fresh and innovative ideas that embrace the light, thin, flexible and transparent qualities of OLED displays.

The competition brief asked entrants to create designs that adapt and enhance people's changing lives and provide new experiences.

Tiny can be mounted onto a wall or placed on a stand

The finalists were selected from 20 shortlisted designs, which included televisions that fold into lamps and cabinets with digital displays for doors.

The overall winner of the contest will be announced in June.

All of the top five designers will share in the prize pot of €88,000, with the winner receiving €35,000. The runner up will receive €20,000, third place will win €15,000, fourth place will win €10,000 and fifth place will win €8,000.

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