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Architectural render of an outdoor pavilion with trees and planting

Taylor's University spotlights 10 master of architecture projects

Dezeen School Shows: a market that aims to rejuvenate the local neighbourhood and a library that encourages social interaction are included in Dezeen's latest school show by students at Taylor's University.

Also included is a design for post-pandemic shopping malls and an architectural typology that implements water distribution.

Taylor's University

School: School of Architecture, Building and Design, Taylor's University
Course: Master of Architecture
Tutors: Nazmi Anuar, Dr Keith Tan, Dr Camelia Kusumo, Huat Lim, Wan Azhar and Lee Sze Ee

School statement:

"The Master of Architecture programme is a full-time professional master's programme that centres on the advanced study of architecture.

"It adopts an integrated design and research-driven approach to learning architecture, which displays methodological and theoretical rigour underpinned by a balance between theory and practice, between speculation and application, between the collaborative engagements and individual genius.

"The programme positions itself as an avenue to engage architects through the design enquiry and process, as the platform for solving contemporary issues of the Asian city and the built environment.

"In line with the overall ethos of sustainable tropical architecture in Asian urban heritage, the curriculum is an intersection of three broad domains of inquiry, namely liveable Asian cities, sustainable design and technology and heritage, culture and craftsmanship. Learn more at the School of Architecture Facebook page."

Colourful axonometric drawing of a boxy site plan

Space of Indeterminacy – Neighbourhood Center by Lam Yung Ni

"This project is an attempt to embrace indeterminate quality into neighbourhood centre design by providing a simple framework to create architecture where users will be the ones to provide the final structure.

"It is a social, interactive framework that is highly adaptable to shifting cultural and social conditions. As the current typology of community, facilities fail to meet the needs of people's aspirations due to enclosed and defined typologies.

"Incorporating indeterminate quality helps break down the barrier of time and allow the flow of space, giving flexibility to its user. Spaces within frames are open for interpretation, which permits indeterminate uses.

"It is not intended to fulfill a certain programmed activity, but should allow each individual to behave according to their own beliefs and intentions."

Student: Lam Yung Ni
Course: Master of Architecture
Tutor: Nazmi Anuar
Contact: wyungni[at]

Hand drawn axonometric site plan in brown outlines

A Landscape for Conversation by Saw E Sean

"Conversation is an exchange of information between people. The Covid-19 pandemic has restricted good interpersonal conversations within the community and discussions on social media usually encourage conflict and negativity.

"This thesis project intends to relook on the library building typology. Instead of providing a formal and quiet 'bookstore', the future library should provide spaces that encourage meaningful conversations between people and create a bonded community with mutual understanding.

"The proposal demolishes the notion of a library building and perceives the library as a landscape or a casual environment for the community to hang out and have a conversation."

Student: Saw E Sean
Course: Master of Architecture
Tutor: Huat Lim
Contact: eseansaw[at]

Architectural render of a skyscraper with rail bridge in front

Distopianic Eden by Cheong J-Han

"It is common in Chow Kit, Malaysia, for there to be negative suppositions of those living in poverty in urban areas.

"This project embraces marginalised people, including sex workers, drug addicts and homeless people, in a communal Eden.

"The Eden is based on a mutually beneficial relationship within the urban community and focuses on providing marginalised people with a home, a safe space and work opportunities."

Student: Cheong J-Han
Course: Master of Architecture
Tutor: Dr Keith Tan
Contact: jhancheong1997[at]

Perspective section drawing of a multistorey building

Inverted Transit Ground for Children Learning and Community by ​​Cho Ken Ying

"This design is grounded on the architecture of disjunction to create a building's doubleness that superimposes a hybrid programme with non-place.

"Transit orientated developments are reinterpreted as an inverted ground with different layers for children and community instead of individuality.

"In the future, building activities may change, architecture will continue and remain timeless if it engages to the needs of the community."

Student: Cho Ken Ying
Course: Master of Architecture
Tutor: Wan Azhar
Contact: kenying1510[at]

Perspective drawing of the inside of a market building

Re-Market: Reinventing Urban Market Typology as a Hybrid Paradigm in Klang by Douglas Lee

"The rapid development of new international supermarket brands has challenged the growth of public markets and hence the decline of public life in city centres, such as the Klang town.

"Markets are important social avenues and Malaysian markets contribute to the quality of life in a neighbourhood. The project aims to create an architectural method to reinvent and design a market typology in today's social context in Klang.

"By incorporating theories by Stewart Brand, Re-Market offers maximum flexibility and adaptation to its programmatic spaces to create a sustainable building for locals and the younger audience. This new market paradigm attempts to rejuvenate Klang and gives meaning to a lost identity."

Student: Douglas Lee
Course: Master of Architecture
Tutors: Nazmi Anuar and Dr. Sucharita Srirangam
Contact: xiangloon[at]

Axonometric rendered site plan with trees surrounding by student at Taylor's University

A Community Water Bank and Visitor Centre by Jin Liew

"As the development of Hulu Langat has increased throughout the years, water disruptions have been a constant occurrence. The supply of water has been insufficient for many households in the district.

"Water disruptions are usually caused by the contamination of reservoirs or rivers and the shortages of water supply from water treatment plants, hence, not allowing communities to have potable water for a few days.

"Architecture offers an opportunity to provide for communities by implementing water distribution. Hence, responsive architecture was used in this project to bring forth the issue of water management towards the public via both mechanism and space as an educational platform."

Student: Jin Liew
Course: Master of Architecture
Tutor: Wan Azhar
Contact: jin.lieww96[at]

Architectural render of an outdoor pavilion with trees and planting by student at Taylor's University

Isle of Botanica by Ng Hui Hui

"The project imagines a building in a garden and a garden in a building. It revolves around the idea of blending nature and architecture by inviting nature into the building.

"Through the play of inside and outside, an openness is created that invites people to experience nature from up close and afar.

"It is a place for people to encounter nature in the city and reconnect with the natural world. Over the decades, the building architecture harmoniously evolves and changes with nature."

Student: Ng Hui Hui
Course: Master of Architecture
Tutors: Nazmi Anuar and Wan Azhar Sulaiman
Contact: huihuieunice[at]

Perspective section of a building with large arched structure by student at Taylor's University

Urban Living Room by Kong Xhiang Lynn

"The rise of e-commerce, the threat of the pandemic on brick-and-mortar retail and the emergence of experience economy as a new business paradigm have required us to rethink the traditional shopping mall model.

"This thesis explores the use of arcade's agency as a public space of transition to create a third place, an attempt which challenges the traditional site of transaction to a place commodifying social program.

"Taking inspiration from Kaki Lima, boundaries between programmes and spaces are explored and redefined with a distinct architectural condition for many social activities.

"Through the introduction of a third-place programme and redefinition of thresholds, the project offers new activities, scenarios and possibilities for the retail space."

Student: Kong Xhiang Lynn
Course: Master of Architecture
Tutor: Dr Camelia Kusumo
Contact: kong.xlynn[at]

Interior render of a curved building by student at Taylor's University

Architecture of the City: The Swirl by Low Guan Kenn

"The project aims to address the deterioration of local essence and meaning in Kuala Lumpur Downtown.

"It is evident that globalisation and the emergence of mass culture are causing this issue. But what if the disadvantages that we see can be turned into opportunities that work on our side?

"Therefore, the project takes the approach of "riding with the mass culture tides" to reintroduce the beauty of cultural authenticity in KL Downtown while attempting to provide a chance of survival for the age-old businesses around Petaling Street."

Student: Low Guan Kenn
Course: Master of Architecture
Tutor: Lee Sze Ee
Contact: kennlow98.m.arch[at]

Section drawing of a sprawling city by student at Taylor's University

Urban Community Careskills Centre by Winhern Wong Yin Hang

"By rethinking an Urban Community Careskills Centre through the lens of architecture, a new building typology is created that provides a resilient system of spaces that focus on healing, skill learning, income generation and rehabilitation.

"It is a place for vulnerable people, but it is not a permanent residence. It is a place to help them to work again and pursue their future goals."

Student: Winhern Wong Yin Hang
Course: Master of Architecture
Tutor: Dr Keith Tan
Contact: winhern0827[at]

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