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BetteAir shower tile

BetteAir shower tile offers anti-slip surface that blends with the floor

Promotion: German bathroom brand Bette has enhanced its shower tile – an upgrade to the traditional shower tray – with the introduction of an advanced anti-slip surface.

BetteAir shower tiles are designed to sit level with the surrounding floor surface, allowing the shower area to blend seamlessly into a room.

Made from glazed titanium steel, with a thickness of just ten millimetres, the tile can be easily integrated into a grid of large-format floor tiles.

BetteAir shower tile
BetteAir shower tiles can be integrated into a grid of floor tiles

The product is now available with BetteAnti-Slip Sense, an innovative slip-resistant coating.

The friction effect is only activated on contact with water; when dry the coating appears invisible and has no impact on the look and feel of the surface.

Launched in 2021, BetteAir was designed by Potsdam-based Tesseraux & Partner.

The shower tile is available in eight sizes, from widths of 900 up to 1,400 millimetres. It comes in a choice of 31 colours, covering both matt and gloss effects, with a choice of BetteAnti-Slip Pro or the new BetteAnti-Slip Sense finishes.

BetteAir shower tile
The tile is now available with an innovative slip-resistant coating

The product requires an installation height of just 97 millimetres, thanks to an innovative drainage system that combines a three-millimetre opening with a 200-millimetre waste water.

The glazed waste cover is completely flat, so no difference can be felt on the surface. It offers a drainage capacity of 0.6 litres per second, which is sufficient even for high-spec rain showers.

The waste is designed to prevent a build-up of hair, but the cover can be removed to allow cleaning when necessary.

BetteAir shower tile
The waste cover can be removed for easy cleaning

When installed by a professional, BetteAir also offers good levels of sound insulation, making it suitable for apartment buildings and other buildings where the acoustics are important.

To find out more about BetteAir, visit the Bette website.

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