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KVK jewellery store Chengdu by Atmosphere Architects with gridded black and white floor and ceiling

Atmosphere Architects creates optical illusion in Chengdu jewellery store

Geometric grids cover most of the surfaces in this futuristic jewellery store in Chengdu, China, designed by local studio Atmosphere Architects to play with customers' spacial perception.

Located in the Jingronghui shopping centre in Chegdu's Jinjiang district, the 180-square-metre concept store belongs to jewellery brand Kill Via Kindness, abbreviated as KVK.

Woman looking at illuminated drawer in KVK jewellery store
KVK is a jewellery store in Chendu's Jingronghui shopping centre

The store features a dimly-lit entrance lined with green resin panels, which leads through to a windowless display space where the walls are clad in matt black tiles.

A gridded black framework is installed across the interior's luminous, frosted acrylic ceiling and matched below by white floor tiles. At one end of the room, a mirrored wall creates the impression that the interior stretches on to infinity.

Glossy black display stands in Chengdu store by Atmosphere Architects
Glossy black tiles cover the store's modular display units

"The core concept behind KVK is 'the reorganised philosophy of art'," Atmosphere Architects told Dezeen. "Therefore, the client wanted a space that is flexible and easy to reorganise with flexible and adaptable modules."

In response, the studio created display units clad in glossy black tiles, which can be divided and joined together to form different modular configurations.

Gif of drawers lighting up in KVK store
Drawers hidden in the walls illuminate when opened

Drawers integrated into the shop's tiled walls provide additional storage and double up as adaptable lighting features.

"When the drawers are pulled out, the light turns on immediately," said Atmosphere Architects, which is led by designer Tommy Yu.

Spiders are a reoccurring motif in KVK's jewellery. The brand's concept store nods to this idea via the spindly legs jutting out from the entrance and the black gridded framework that covers the floors and ceilings like a web.

"There are many elements about conflict, consciousness awakening, aggression and sharpness in KVK's product concept," the studio said.

"In the space, materials and colours with different lights and shades, depths and textures are selected to express the ideology and beauty of collision."

Entrance of jewellery store by Atmosphere Architects
The entranced is lined with green resin panels

Other futuristic monochrome interiors featured on Dezeen include a space-themed cafe in central Shanghai by design studio Linehouse.

The photography is by Chuan He of Here Space.

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KVK jewelery store Chengdy by Atmosphere Architects
KVK jewelery store Chengdy by Atmosphere Architects
KVK jewelery store Chengdy by Atmosphere Architects
KVK jewelery store Chengdy by Atmosphere Architects