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Istituto Marangoni London presents 10 student design projects

Dezeen School Shows: a healing retreat and a lamp that rewards self-discipline and time offline are included in Dezeen's latest school show by students at Istituto Marangoni London.

Also included is a jewellery project designed to reference London's architecture and a "3D-printed Martian colony" that seeks to reconnect humans and nature in order to save the planet.

Istituto Marangoni

School: Instituto Marangoni London
Courses: BA Interior Design, BA Design for Products, MA Fine Jewellery Design, MA Interior Design and MA Product Design
Tutor: Julie Ross

School Statement:

"The inaugural Design Graduation Exhibition at Istituto Marangoni London will showcase the work of the talented graduates of the Design School at Istituto Marangoni.

"This inaugural exhibition will present the work of our graduate students in MA Fine Jewellery Design, MA Interior Design (Contemporary Interior Design) and MA Product Design (Contemporary Furniture Design). In addition to our MA programmes in Design, we will be showcasing a selection of work from our graduates in BA (Hons) Design for Products and BA (Hons) Interiors.

"Viewers visiting the exhibition will be able to experience a mix of both digital and physical work created by our students considering the ideas surrounding 'meaningful design' and how this impacts society on many levels.

"The selected work demonstrates varying levels of research, experimentation, material selection and application, resulting in well-considered, thought-provoking design solutions.

"Istituto Marangoni London, prides itself in detail, process, experimentation and cutting-edge design solutions, where students are encouraged to constantly be at the forefront of their design investigations and processes through research and experimentation.

"Guided by an international team of academics and design professionals, students are encouraged to be industry-relevant and professional on many levels through industry partnerships, collaborations and work placements in addition to studio practice, field trips and visiting guest speakers.

"All our BA and MA programmes in design are validated by Manchester Metropolitan University."

A render of a colourful architectural project

The Pulse of Stone by Soo Jin Yang

"The brief for this project was to create a sustainable pavilion for outdoor clothing brand Patagonia, inspired by the concept that a stone has a pulse as we do.

"The pavilion, which resembles the Castleton Tower, may look like a rigid structure but gently rotates. The structure communicates alert messages regarding the global crisis through sound and vibration.

"The colours of the pavilion indicate the effects of climate change from 1890 to the present. The structures are made of scaffolding and climbing ropes, which are designed to be easily assembled, dismantled and stored."

Student: Soo Jin Yang
Course: MA Interior Design (Contemporary Interior Design)
Tutor: Federica Capitani
Email: sooojinyang[at]

A photograph of an amber glass and blue stone necklace

Chrome by Emily Playne

"Emily Playne's unique designs are created with an artistic approach to jewellery design. Playne curates their fine jewels as an artist would paint a blank canvas by using colour, form and shape.

"Each jewel is embedded with a sentimental value establishing a deeper connection only felt by the wearer. These playful, modern and exciting designs are made with responsibly-sourced materials and ethically created jewels.

"They offer customers beautifully authentic pieces."

Student: Emily Playne
Course: MA Fine Jewellery Design
Tutors: Imogen Belfield and Julie Ross
Email: emplayne[at]

An image of two baskets

The Gloy Chair by Marc Sweeney

"The Gloy Chair is Sweeney's interpretation of both the material and the traditional techniques used to create the Orkney chair.

"Traditionally, the Orkney chair is a piece of Scottish vernacular furniture rich in narrative.

"From its first inception the chair's high-backed design was created through limited materials (native black oat straw and found driftwood) as a means of keeping wind draft away from the back and trapping heat from a fire.

"Inspired by this, the Gloy Chair is made entirely of native oat straw and follows the same construction principles of an Orcadian Pete basket.

"Sweeney would like to give a special thanks to the people of Orkney for opening their door to him and sharing their knowledge."

Student: Marc Sweeney
Course: MA Product Design (Contemporary Furniture Design)
Tutors: Federica Capitani and Chris Procter
Email: marcsweeney71[at]

A bird's eye view of an architectural project

The Sanatorium by Yuliya Panina

"Originally inspired by Haruki Murakami's book Norwegian Wood, which included a mental wellness facility focused on personal healing through rewarding activities, this project was created with the initial purpose of being a self-healing retreat.

"The project is structured around the five senses to create an uplifting and inspiring environment.

"Alongside this, the project can support a small community, which would be able to provide for itself by growing and harvesting food, providing entertainment and inspiring each other to heal.

"The process of creating the Sanatorium included designing private units, a main communal area, a winter garden, a gym, a meditation room and spa room."

Student: Yuliya Panina
Course: BA (Hons) Interiors
Tutors: Federica Capitani, Simon Taylor and Douglas McCarthy
Email: julie734[at]

A photograph of a person reading with a light next to them

The Light Lamp by Skylar Hamilton

"Research has found that 46 per cent of teenagers aged 12-16 feel that they are addicted to their mobile phones and a further 68 per cent sleep with their phone near to them.

"Based on Dopamine Replacement Therapy, the Light Lamp is a lamp for your nightstand that can only be operated when your phone is on the wireless charger and out of your hand.

"The Light acts as a positive reward for your choice to detox, illuminating the room when a phone is placed on the charger.

"The dial gives you the option to detox for as long as you'd like before dimming down after time runs out. Your phone is a heavy burden. Unload the weight from the day with the Light Lamp."

Student: Skylar Hamilton
Course: BA Design for Products
Tutors: Mike Hankin and Terence Tackie
Email: sky.hamilton100[at]

An architectural render

The E-den Project by Rebecca Breda

"This graduate project is about creating a safe space and indoor garden for college students with social anxiety within the Istituto Marangoni London campus building.

"In the space, they can practice their fears of presenting and talking to tutors using virtual reality and augmented reality.

"Students will be able to work through their fears in the therapy pods made of smart glass. The therapy pod will have a VR headset, allowing the student to enter the metaverse.

"Inside the metaverse, the student will be guided by a virtual therapist to practice the presentation. These technologies allow students to face their fears gradually and safely in a virtual world where they have everything under control."

Student: Rebecca Breda
Course: BA (Hons) Interiors
Tutors: Federica Capitani, Simon Taylor and Douglas McCarthy
Email: rebeccabreda276[at]

A photograph of a piece of jewellery around someone's neck

Polis Collection by Anna Harvey

"The Polis Collection includes refined, geometric designs, inspired by the architectural elements of central London.

"These sights are reflected in the intended versatility and wearability of the collection, with pieces intended to be worn day-to-day as well as for occasions.

"The name Polis comes from the Greek word for city, and it references Harvey's previous studies in archaeology as well as the city that inspires the designs.

"The pieces in this collection consist of faceted elements in 18ct white gold set with lozenge-cut and trapezoid diamonds suspended on delicate chains and joined together in geometric arrangements."

Student: Anna Harvey 
Course: MA Fine Jewellery Design
Tutors: Imogen Belfield and Julie Ross
Email: annah4482[at]

An illustration of a hand-free dog lead

Metro Hands Free Dog Leash and Dog Walker Fanny Pack by Derin Avunduk

"This project aims to use design to help dog walkers have better experiences, especially while walking with multiple dogs at once.

"Sometimes walking a dog can be tough, especially if you are walking multiple dogs at once. For dog sitters, there is no product on the market that has been created to make the walking experience easier and better.

"The owner and designer of High5Dogs, designed the hands-free dog leash for the company, and it was the inspiration for this design."

Student: Derin Avunduk
Course: BA Design for Products
Tutors: Federica Capitani, Simon Taylor and Terence Tackie
Email: derinavunduk1[at]

A render of a 3D Sand-Printed Martian Colony I

Marsatory: A 3D Sand-Printed Martian Colony Inspired by Collectivism and Indigenous Communities by Sofia Politi

"This research-based project examines human failures, such as resource exhaustion and loss of community, in order to design an optimum mental setting for Martian colonists.

"Through the application of current trends, such as collectivism and indigenous wisdom, a new way of life is introduced. Sand 3D printing provides a sustainable foundation for an equal relationship with the environment.

"Ethical craftsmanship and collectivism, both aspects of indigenous life, restore purpose and value.

"Elements that reinforce the concept include an efficient modular growth system, common areas, green spaces and utilisation of waste cycles. Whilst the project takes Mars as a case study, it is an attempt to reimagine human life.

"Designing on a 'blank canvas' such as an uninhabited planet enables the opportunity for change. Rehabilitating human relationship to nature and each other is essential for psychological wellbeing but has now become a vital ingredient to save Earth."

Student: Sofia Politi
Course: BA (Hons) Interiors
Tutors: Federica Capitani, Simon Taylor and Douglas McCarthy
Email: as.politi[at]

A series of images of a hotel inspired by the moon

The Shape of Yin by Maria Jeffers

"The Shape of Yin is inspired by a blend of Yin and Yang where Yin – the female energy of the moon – transmits a slow, calm, nocturnal atmosphere with an aura of darkness and serenity.

"The concept of the project is about combining soft, flowing and feminine architecture with a touch of Yang, resulting in more dynamic and expressive moments to create contrast.

"In the master bedroom, a large-scale fireplace is clad in dark Venetian plaster to make the flames emerge from the darkness.

"The most aggressive design element is a custom pyramid pendant over the bar area to bring a subtle contrasting focal point to an otherwise very fluid and meandering space."

Student: Maria Jeffers
Course: BA (Hons) Interiors
Tutors: Federica Capitani and Simon Taylor
Email: maryjeffers91[at]

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