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PLP Architecture NFT skyscraper

PLP Architecture launches collection of 5,000 skyscraper NFTs

UK studio PLP Architecture has created 5,000 NFTs based on the concept for a virtual skyscraper in the metaverse.

The architecture studio collaborated with VerseProp, which describes itself as the "leading metaverse property platform", to create the collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Each of the animated digital images was based on the form of a conceptual skyscraper designed by the studio, which previously designed numerous real-world skyscrapers, including London's second-tallest building.

PLP Architecture NFT skyscraper
PLP Architecture has created 5,000 NFTs

While interest in NFTs boomed in 2021, following a collage by American artist Beeple selling for a record-breaking $69 million, the trend is yet to be fully embraced by architects. PLP Architecture is one of the first major studios to create an NFT collection.

"We certainly are in the first wave of studios that are testing the waters and committing to exploring what our collective role is in this new world," said PLP Architecture head of digital technology Richard Woolsgrove.

"It is encouraging to see that other major studios are leading the way by looking into what is undoubtedly a major new development not only for technology or gaming, but for societal interaction, new design thinking and the digital art community," he told Dezeen.

PLP Architecture NFT skyscraper
The digital artworks were based on the design for a virtual skyscraper

The studio developed the collection to explore the connection between physical architecture and real estate and the virtual world.

Each NFT will include access to additional content including physical artworks, webinar tickets and the possibility of collaborating with the studio to design a building in the metaverse.

"We aim to bridge the gap between the two worlds by making both of them more accessible to the other – through design and through the ease of involvement," said Woolsgrove.

"Design-wise, we are intentionally using visualisations that are a blend of the metaverse vernacular and more traditional real estate visuals," he continued.

"Regarding engagement, we are intentionally running virtual engagement sessions and setting up systems in place so that complete novices can learn more about NFTs and get involved in the project."

PLP Architecture NFT skyscraper
The NFTs are a collaboration with VerseProp

PLP Architecture believes that more architecture studios should be engaging with emerging digital technologies like the blockchain, NFTs and the metaverse.

"A lot of an architect's work is digital, we always have one foot in the virtual world," said Woolsgrove. "So where do these worlds cross and how should we be engaging with them?"

"With blockchain technologies, like NFTs and the Metaverse, now forming a rapidly growing sector, we felt that it was important to explore what our role as architects could be in this new reality and to establish what opportunities might be available for us and our industry," Woolsgrove continued.

Several other major architecture studios have recently designed buildings in the metaverse including BIG, which created a virtual office for Vice Media Group, and Zaha Hadid Architects, which created a "cyber-urban" city.

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