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Small Living Kitchens storage units in wood veneer and stainless steel kitchen island

Sleek storage solutions from Falper feature on Dezeen Showroom

Dezeen Showroom: Italian brand Falper has presented a selection of storage solutions for kitchens and bathrooms on Dezeen Showroom, including a kitchen island designed for spaces as limited as 2.5 square metres.

In collaboration with designer Andrea Federici, Falper created the Small Living Kitchens collection of furniture to bring a high standard of living to small kitchen spaces.

Small Living Kitchens island by Falper in stainless steel
The Small Living Kitchens collection by Falper includes a compact island

The collection includes a kitchen island available in three sizes, which is designed to fit interior spaces starting from 2.5 square metres.

The island is available in marble or a combination of stainless steel with wood or coloured lacquer surfaces and can be ordered with a built-in hob and sink.

Small Living Kitchens storage units by Falper in wood veneer and showing fridge and shelved interior functions
Falper's storage unit can be customised to conceal kitchen appliances and shelving

The Small Living Kitchens storage unit is designed to be compatible with standard-sized built-in kitchen appliances, meaning it can accommodate a refrigerator among other functions.

Glass shelves with black aluminium frames can be inserted into the unit and displayed as open shelving or concealed or semi-concealed by different height doors.

Small Living Kitchens tall units by Falper in wood veneer
Falper's tall unit can be paired with above-tall units to create floor-to-ceiling storage

The tall unit from the Small Living Kitchens collection has retractable doors that conceal elements such as the fridge, pantry and shelving.

Both the storage unit and tall unit from the collection are made from plywood or MDF and finished in either a continuous wood grain-patterned veneer or glossy or matt lacquers.

Butler cabinet by Falper with interior LED liighting
The Butler cabinet system is available with LED interior lighting

Also ​​designed by Andrea Federici for Falper is the Butler cabinet system, which is intended to make bathrooms feel like an extension of living spaces.

Representative of Falper's "Living Bathroom" philosophy, the Butler cabinet system can be configured with internal drawers, shelves and clothes rails.

Two Minimum wall-mounted sink cabinets in black
The Minimum bathroom storage collection is distinguished by its strong form and sharp angles

Designer Victor Vasilev created a bathroom storage collection for Falper named Minimum, which features wall-mounted washbasins, freestanding shelves and cabinets.

The collection is made from natural materials such as marble and wood, with high-performance compound materials Cementobasic and Cristalplant Biobased Active added to create a durable and resistant surface.

Falper tall units and kitchen island in a light white kitchen space
Falper creates customisable storage solutions for bathrooms and kitchens

Falper is a bathroom furniture brand that has recently expanded into kitchen design.

The brand manufactures adaptable and customisable furniture solutions that are handmade in Italy to the user's request.

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