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Render of All(zone) MPavilion in Melbourne

All(zone) reveals design for orange draped-fabric MPavilion

Architectural fabrics and meshes draped over a tensile system will form the 2022 MPavilion in Melbourne, which is being designed by Bangkok-based architecture studio All(zone).

In its ninth year, the MPavilion is commissioned annually by charity The Naomi Milgrom Foundationand has a similar concept to London's Serpentine Pavilion.

With a new designer selected each year for the annual commission All(zone), led by architect Rachaporn Choochuey, was selected to create the 2022 edition.

All(zone)'s pavilion will be made from layers of coloured net and fabrics with a waterproof membrane typically used in architectural construction.

Aerial render of the orange MPavilion
The 2022 MPavilion will be designed by All(zone)

Renders of the pavilion show several metallic columns, which will support and anchor a tensile system, created in collaboration with engineering companies Tensys and Aecom.

The waterproof membrane layer will be supplied by French material technology company Serge Ferrari and will protect visitors from the elements.

The membrane layer will have a transparent finish that will allow light to filter through to colourful latticed fabrics beneath.

Choochuey explained the temporary pavilion was designed to celebrate outdoor living and mimics the effect of being underneath a tree.

"We visualised rays of light flickering through layers of leaves that give a very relaxing ambience –like being under a big tree," said Choochuey.

"In a world where we increasingly encounter a shortage of resources and ever-changing social conditions, the lifespan of architecture in relation to its materiality should be investigated," she continued.

"The intent of our design for MPavilion is to explore the potential of architecture to embrace a lighter and more casual spirit, and become even more sustainable and engaging."

Render of people using the MPavilion during summer
It will be constructed from fabrics and mesh and include a weatherproof membrane

The pavilion will be installed in the Queen Victoria Gardens in November 2022. It will be used as a venue for events, workshops and performances.

After the summer, the pavilion will be relocated to a permanent location within Melbourne.

In previous years, Glenn Murcutt created a minimal pavilion with a linear "lantern" roof.

The annual commission has also seen designs from Carme Pinós who built a series of latticed timber triangles across landscaped mounds in 2018.