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Colourful hand drawing on the interior of a material upcycling workshop

Ravensbourne University London spotlights 10 architecture projects

Dezeen School Shows: a tower that accommodates a local market and a community centre that tackles gentrification in its surrounding area are included in Dezeen's latest school show by students at Ravensbourne University London.

Also featured is a sustainable workshop that upcycles unwanted materials and an event space combining dining and entertainment activities.

Ravensbourne University London

Institution: Ravensbourne University London
School: Architecture
Courses: BA(Hons) Architecture, BA(Hons) Interior Design Environment Architectures and BA(Hons) Urban Landscape Architecture
Tutors: Hwei Fan Liang, Khaled Sedki, Alberto Villanueva, Morgan Lewis, Dhara Bhatt, Darren Stacey, Jonathan Mitchie, Tony Yu and Brikena Dunisha

School Statement:

"The Department of Architecture at Ravensbourne University London is an exciting and creative community focused on educating architects who will imagine and shape the future. We challenge our students to offer solutions to transform communities with a social and sustainable approach.

"Our students learn through engagement with industry-relevant topics within and across courses, providing the skills and opportunities they need to kick-start their careers.

"Students in architecture, interior architecture, and landscape collaborate and learn together around the themes of sustainability, social impact and community, and interdisciplinarity.

"The projects presented in this School Show are a selection of the different final major projects of our undergraduate students, under the topic "Entities and Identities in Woolwich and Charlton".

"The theme for final major projects 2021 to 2022 encouraged students to explore the relationship between architecture and identity to understand the role architecture can play in a field of contested identities."

Tower section drawing with blue sky background by student at Ravensbourne University London

The Woolwich Exchange by Raisa Aly

"Woolwich is a place which many people encounter as part of their journey, but why can't Woolwich be the destination itself?

"The project explores Woolwich's identity through the notion of exchange and houses the community's market in a vertical landmark that is managed and curated by the community in Woolwich."

Student: Raisa Aly
Course: BA(Hons) Architecture
Email: r_aly61[at]

Purple axonometric line drawing by student at Ravensbourne University London

Interstitial Craft by Connor S. J. Boyd

"The project proposes a programme to facilitate the development of the UK arts and crafts community by providing a space for education that is non-profit orientated, therefore reducing the barrier to entry to such fields.

"The spatial narrative of the final structure intends to reflect this programme physically and the adaptive reuse of the former factory building it is located within."

Student: Connor S. J. Boyd
Course: BA(Hons) Architecture
Email: cboyd.arc[at]

Black and white section drawing of a theatre complex by student at Ravensbourne University London

The Ordnance Theatre by Mahmood Turkman

"Circumstances of the pandemic impacted vibrant urban areas, including Woolwich market.

"The project aims to draw the public out, once again, to reinvigorate Beresford square by proposing a programme that entices the community to reintegrate with one another and the place where they dwell."

Student: Mahmood Turkman
Course: BA(Hons) Interior Design Environment Architectures
Email: mahmoodturkman46[at]

Annotated axonometric line drawing on a pink background by student at Ravensbourne University London

Morris Walk Community Centre by Aidan Safsaf

"The aim of the Morris Walk Community Centre is to provide a community space that is built and developed around existing communities within the area of Woolwich and Charlton, with a focus on under-represented groups.

"Through research into the existing community spaces, the programme is developed to facilitate and encourage integration and collaboration between the chosen groups in order to create a stronger sense of community within the developing area.

"The project tackles the ideas of gentrification and under-representation through the creation of a community centre that is catered towards existing communities and provides a place for expansion and exposure within the surrounding areas."

Student: Aidan Safsaf
Course: BA(Hons) Architecture
Email: aidansafsaf[at]

Sectional axo 3d model by student at Ravensbourne University London

Murray's Yard by Dre Soliman

"Murray's Yard is a new event space in Woolwich's Arsenal centre. This newly renovated location provides a safe space for culture and commerce. It gives people a one-of-a-kind opportunity to connect with artists, chefs, entertainers and partygoers.

"To create a fresh open space surrounded by places to eat, drink, play, and discover, Murray's Yard is divided into three sections. Stage two is located in the heart of Murray's Yard and can seamlessly integrate into Stages one and three for large-scale events such as music concerts, nightclubs, exhibition spaces and brand activations.

"In addition, the renovated Macbean Centre offers a world of entertainment in the form of arcade games. Visit the new restaurant spaces and outdoor seating areas throughout Murray's Yard, which create a new social space for people to connect with food and music.

"The goal of this project is to bring people together by providing a new and exciting place to play and explore."

Student: Dre Soliman
Course: BA(Hons) Architecture
Email: aldrei.soliman[at]

Perspective exploded 3D model of a square building by student at Ravensbourne University London

Luminous Centre by Maryame Chlaita

"Colour and light are used in this project to influence people's moods as they travel through space and guide visitors around the building.

"The project houses two cinemas, a theatre, art gallery and studio spaces. The Luminous Centre aims to spark interest in and promote greater participation in the creative district in Woolwich.

"It introduces new, and most importantly, accessible entertainment facilities to the community."

Student: Maryame Chlaita
Course: BA(Hons) Interior Design Environment Architectures
Email: m.chlaita[at]

Isonometric blue and white 3D drawing by student at Ravensbourne University London

Bre-NA by Sören Sigl

"Based in Woolwich, this project uses a historical location dedicated to ships and forms a strong relationship with the Thames River.

"It explores the resident's sense of belonging in the community, representing the values and beliefs of the users.

"Within the context of Brexit, it tries to tackle the issue of splitting the community it represents. The project aims to explore community identities and values around how people connect in shared public spaces."

Student: Sören Sigl
Course: BA(Hons) Architecture
Email: s.sigl[at]

Section drawing is brown interior and grassy background by student at Ravensbourne University London

What Happened to Gilbert? by Dylan White

"Once known for its quarries of Thanet Sand, clay and chalk, Gilbert's Pit in Charloton has now been hidden away in the city.

"The area is an SSSI, meaning it's currently inaccessible to the public and there is no reason to want to go there. The project aims to give Gilbert's pit a new life."

Student: Dylan White
Course: BA(Hons) Architecture
Email: dylan.M.White7[at]

Render of an amphitheatre space with two people singing in the centre circular stage

Woolwich Connected by Shania Burrage

"Woolwich Connected seeks to provide a bridge between academia and the local community.

"The project encourages the acceleration of the creative industry and fosters meaningful connections between people and place."

Student: Shania Burrage
Course: BA(Hons) Architecture
Email: shania1609[at]

Colourful hand drawing on the interior of a material upcycling workshop

Sharing Happiness by Maggie Puiman Law

"For this project, a greater connection to the surrounding landscape is woven into the new platform that houses five different workshops.

"Activities include collecting unwanted clothes, fabric, old furniture and left-over materials from construction for up-cycling.

"To be energy-efficient and resourceful, small wind turbines are placed by surrounding platforms with various rainwater collection systems."

Student: Maggie Puiman Law
Course: BA(Hons) Architecture
Email: maggie_law2000[at]

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