IE University Spain spotlights 10 architecture and design projects

Dezeen School Shows: a card game designed to develop creative thinking and a system that transforms hydrilla into an energy source are included in Dezeen's latest school show by students at IE University Spain.

Also included is a proposal for a multidisciplinary centre in Barcelona and a sports equipment rental app.

IE University Spain

Institution: IE University Spain
School: IE School of Architecture and Design
Course: Bachelor of Design and Bachelor of Architectural Studies, 4th year

School statement:

"The Bachelor in Architectural Studies prepares students to transform the world and to make meaningful environments.

"With a project-based approach to learning and a diverse body of faculty and students, the program synthesises creative, technical, environmental, and social considerations, and is driven by a forward-looking and entrepreneurial spirit.

"We teach our students to master the essential tools and skills of the architect, while simultaneously encouraging them to think broadly and creatively about how these tools and skills might be used in the future.

"Thanks to IE School of Architecture and Design international recognition, this bachelor degree has an exclusive internship program that will allow you to gain invaluable work experience in some of the most prestigious studios worldwide.

"The Bachelor in Design is a comprehensive degree that seeks to challenge today's physical, experiential, functional and emotional reality. Designed for flexible and audacious individuals seeking creative solutions for a better and more sustainable life.

"This degree from IE School of Architecture and Design uses a unique combination of a solid foundation in design, a demanding project-based methodology and a focus on real-life challenges. Rigorous scientific and creative aspects of design are combined with a business perspective, allowing you to transform and improve people's daily lives."

A book about the paisas community in Colombia by student at IE University

El Alma Paisa by Adelaida Balthazar Corre

"Abrupt mountains. Unnavigable rivers. Broken soil. This is the territory paisas inhabited. Paisas are a regional group that lived in the central Andes region of Colombia.

"This territory was what made paisas and their three interesting traits, berraco, andariego and laborioso. El Alma Paisa, a printed book that tells their story, navigates their idiosyncrasies and misunderstandings.

"What we see is a world unseen by others. The soul of the paisas is transmitted into the book with a visual take of who they are, how they lived and what their passion was. The publication opens up a vivid landscape into the paisa culture and how, because of their stalwart dedication, they survived with only themselves to rely on."

Student: Adelaida Balthazar Corre
Course: Bachelor in Design

Colourful cards from a student-designed card game encouraging creativity

Tivity by Anna Bundgaard Lassen

"Playing games can bring a bit of childhood nostalgia – a feeling people are likely to enjoy.

"And many games require creativity, which is an essential skill in our day-to-day lives. This skill has become highly sought after in recent years and companies look for prospective employees who can channel their own creativity.

"Tivity was created to do just that – fuel the creativity of the players, a skill that is not born, but instead taught and cultivated. The game uses classic game modules like communication and competitiveness to develop this creative thinking."

Student: Anna Bundgaard Lassen
Course: Bachelor in Design

Sports equipment rental app designed by student at IE University

Switcheroo by John Petrus Huth

"You want to play tennis but don't have a racquet. You want to play soccer with some friends but you lost your ball. You could go to a sports equipment store and buy one, or you could download Switcheroo.

"Switcheroo is a sports equipment app that allows users to lend and borrow the things they need to get out on the court or field. It's easy to use because it connects the local sports community with the touch of a button.

"Switcheroo is powered by blockchain technology, guaranteeing trust and transparency, and its DAO ecosystem uses the utility token and in-app currency Switch Token (SWTCH).

"All you have to do is upload pictures of any sports equipment you're willing to lend out and earn money while others borrow your stuff.

"What's more, the app's delivery and return service are fundamental because you can receive your equipment wherever you may be. Becoming a Switcheroo member will have the added bonus of helping out your community. So, stop buying and start Switching!"

Student: John Petrus Huth
Course: Bachelor in Design

Restaurant with green arches and tables by student at IE University

Safar by Mayssa Elsa Hadif

"Travel without traveling with Safar. If the authenticity, vibe, food and experience of a restaurant all come together perfectly, you dine with the sensation of being transported to another place.

"And Safar does just that – the fine-dining restaurant brings its guests, and all five of their senses, directly to Lebanon.

"A culinary experience from start to finish, from the tables and the glassware to the paintings and decorations, the ambiance truly encompasses the country. Safar means a trip in Arabic, and it's time to travel."

Student: Mayssa Elsa Hadif
Course: Bachelor in Design

Poster for student-designed NFT art gallery

FAR by Monica Maria Pastor Mayo

"The NFT movement is growing throughout the technological world.

"This is a huge opportunity for digital artists to use their skills and have an important role in the art community. But because of the overwhelming amount of art being uploaded online, there is a lack of organisation and perfect selection.

"Monica Maria Pastor Mayo had a goal in mind where she was able to combine her two passions, art and technology, in order to create FAR.

"FAR is a start-up project that focuses on developing and designing an art gallery that uses an amplified reality for its users. The chaos of the past is immediately replaced with an organised exhibition of artwork that can promote artists and cultural movements in meaningful ways."

Student: Monica Maria Pastor Mayo
Course: Bachelor in Design

Visuals for health data collection platform

HDMP: Future of Data Sharing by Naqiya Mustafa Kantawala

"In today's world, having a phone is more of a need than a want.

"But, it's common knowledge that this could mean an invasion of privacy. Your health and fitness data is being collected without your knowledge and consent.

"The idea behind the Health Data Market Place (HDMP) is to completely restructure data collection within the health and technology sector to offer transparent, open and consensual data collection. HDMP aims to ensure tech companies aren't simply taking information from users without offering something in return.

"The goal of the project was simple. To reconstruct the data collection process when it comes to health information so that it is transparent and open to all users. The focus should be on the benefits of sharing information and sharing it with the right people in the right way."

Student: Naqiya Mustafa Kantawala
Course: Bachelor in Design

Plan for waterside city development by IE University student


"Off–passing creates an urban ensemble around the Tres chimeneas de Sant Adria de Besos turning them into the centrepiece of a route that connects the seafront of Badalona to the urban esplanade running along the Rio Besos. This route becomes an urban experience and gravitas creates a distinct moment within the experience of the city.

"Gravitas consists of a funerary landscape and a civic development, joined together by the nave of the old power factory of the tres chimeneas de Sant Adria de Besos.

"An abandoned piece of functional architecture is turned into a folly. A bridge for the purpose of creating a distinct urban moment in the waterfront of de Sant Adria de Besos, one that can reinsert meaning back into the city and make form the catalyst for ritual."

Student: Lorenzo Uribe
Course: Bachelor in Architectural Studies

Visuals for multidisciplinary centre combining partying and studying

The Walls Are Dancing by María González

"T.k is a multidisciplinary centre that coveys the juxtaposition of two apparently contrasting programs, the mastery of studying with the art of partying.

"Towards the intention to redefine the nightlife activity in Barcelona, making it sustainable and fair for the neighbours, T.K proposes a space that is 24/7 activated – offering facilities to work, study, educate and discover while becoming the top trend hotspot for partying in the city.

"The project is located in the heart of El Raval, one of the most centric neighbourhoods of the city of Barcelona. The site is accessed through the street Arc del Theater, adjacent to Las Ramblas, one of the most touristic streets.

"The neighbourhood is full of historical traces and cultural diversity. It has always been associated with nightlife and all the illegal activity linked to it like prostitution and drugs.

"It is the place where Catalan bohemia really took place and big personalities like Miro or Dali walked those streets embracing the ideals of freedom and faith in love. Many legendary bars stand as evidence of this. In conclusion a neighbourhood full of stimulus."

Student: María González
Course: Bachelor in Architectural Studies

Plan for intervention in El Raval in Barcelona

Las Cestas del Arte by Miriam Otto

"A neighbourhood once so vibrant, full of artisan activity, saw its streets filled with people and local commerce, an area of cultural prosperity.

"Today a neighbourhood, out of context, with scarce street inactivity, without liveness, detached from its historical background, seeing its progressive loss of cultural heritage and the city's and people's identity.

"Las Cestas del Arte proposes an intervention in El Raval, one of the neighbourhoods that compose the Ciutat Vella of Barcelona and is characterised by its dense narrow streets and its interculturality."

Student: Miriam Otto
Course: Bachelor in Architectural Studies

Visual showing hydrilla from lake to be converted to energy

Befriending the Lake Monster by Irene Delgado Delpree

"Befriending the Lake Monster is a project designed to give back. Delivered in three diagrams, four photo montages and a research report, the idea of the project is to take hydrilla – an invasive plant species – and transform it into a valuable resource for the nearby municipalities of Lake Atitlán.

"In the project's three phases, hydrilla would serve two purposes: give back to the communities and clean the lake. Phase one is to turn the compost made from the hydrilla into something of use.

"Phase two consists of creating a power made from the hydrilla, for example, a biomaterial or a consumed product. And in phase three, the hydrilla is transformed into an energy that fuels the system with its biogas.

"This, in turn, would cause a demand for hydrilla. The local communities would benefit abundantly from these new economic possibilities, with the added bonus of a clean lake."

Student: Irene Delgado Delpree
Course: Bachelor in Design

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