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Close up of the textured surface of the Liquid Table tabletop

Liquid Table by Furn Object

Dezeen Showroom: Ukrainian furniture brand Furn Object has designed a metal table that combines a minimalist silhouette with hand-crafted metalwork called Liquid Table.

The table is made up of three circular tabletops that have been hand-hammered using the chasing metalwork technique, giving them a textured surface.

Silver Liquid Table with three table tops by Fürn
Liquid Table is made from stainless steel applied with hand chasing

"We were inspired by the versatility of the metal, its visual qualities, its sound, and physical properties," said Furn Object.

"This gave us the idea to create an object that dissolves in space, sparkling in the rays of light like a water surface."

Silver Liquid Table with three table tops by Fürn
Liquid Table has three tabletops at different heights

"We applied chasing not only on the tabletop but also on the legs to create a holistic silhouette and make the entire surface equally radiant," the brand continued.

Liquid Table is made from stainless steel and the three textured table legs stand atop smooth spheres.

The photography is by Anna Sidorkina.

Product: Liquid Table
Designer: Anna Baierzdorf and Sergii Baierzdof
Brand: Furn Object
Contact: [email protected]

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