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Pettersen & Hein designs concrete vase informed by rare desert phenomenon

Design duo Pettersen & Hein have created a sculptural vase named Superbloom 02 to reference the sudden bloom of flowers in the desert, which is the latest product featured in our Dezeen x The Mindcraft project 2022.

The vase takes its name from the rare desert phenomenon superbloom – a natural occurrence in which an abnormally large amount of desert wildflower seeds blossom at once.

Superbloom 02 sculptural vase on a white pedestal
The vase has an organic, flowing shape made from ceramic concrete

Pettersen & Hein, which is a collaboration between designers Lea Hein and Magnus Pettersen, hand-painted the vase with a mix of red, yellow, orange, white, blue and mint colours to signify newly sprung flowers.

The vase was selected as one of 10 pieces included in the Mindcraft Project – a yearly event that aims to showcase forward-thinking Danish design.

Close up of the vase showing the textured surface and mix of colours
Superbloom 02 is informed by the sudden blossoming of wildflower seeds

The design duo aimed to capture the spontaneity of the superbloom phenomenon in the flowing shape of the vase, which was made by casting ceramic concrete in a hand-carved polystyrene mould.

"Colours flow in and out of each other and act as a canvas, highlighting the changing tones of the desert in full bloom," said Pettersen & Hein.

Superbloom 02 vase on a circular table in a studio with two hands touching it
The vase has a textured surface with a glossy glazed finish. Photo by Benjamin Lund

The polystyrene mould and concrete material create a textured and uneven surface, which is slightly smoothed and softened by a layer of gloss ceramic glaze.

Superbloom 02 forms part of Pettersen & Hein's wider series of 32 colourful vases, which the duo created during the 2020 coronavirus lockdowns.

According to the design duo, the collection of vases was designed to inspire hope and creativity.

Close up of the vase showing the textured surface and mix of colours
The Superbloom 02 vase is hand-painted in a mix of bright colours

"The change in the desert from a dry, barren landscape to one full of colour and life provided the perfect metaphor for times spent indoors during a global pandemic – opening up through a creative burst of energy," said Pettersen & Hein.

"The collection expresses the joy of creation, with organic and fluid forms completed by the rough texture of ceramic concrete."

The photography is by Anders Sune Berg unless stated and the video is by Benjamin Lund.

Dezeen x The Mindcraft Project 2022

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