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Graphenstone Authumn Winter 2022 colour edit

Graphene paint brand Graphenstone unveils Autumn Winter 2022 colour edit

Promotion: paint manufacturer Graphenstone has curated a colour palette featuring rich reds and deep greens to showcase its eco-friendly, graphene-infused paints.

Graphenstone's Autumn Winter 2022 colour edit features a range of dark shades informed by natural dyes, which can be combined to create a range of different colour effects in the home.

Graphenstone Authumn Winter 2022 colour edit
Image: Brunswick green on skirting with Nakajima on walls. Top image: Carnelian on the walls with Cerulean Blue shown in the living room.

Overseen by colour consultant Betsy Smith, the edit also features inky blue tones that are paired with shades of yellow and brown.

"Low-level lighting in winter does not mean a room needs to feel flat and dull," said Smith. "In fact, it's the perfect time to celebrate rich colour to create a warm atmospheric environment using Graphenstone eco paint, which combines CO2 absorption, air purification, extreme durability and washability."

First launched in 2017, Graphenstone's paints achieve a high level of performance and sustainability by combining a pure lime base with graphene – the strongest material known to science.

Graphenstone Authumn Winter 2022 colour edit
Graphenstone's Autumn Winter 2022 colour edit features rich shades of red, green and blue

The lime absorbs carbon dioxide, allowing the paint to purify the surrounding air, while the graphene has conductive qualities that can improve a building's thermal regulation, reducing the need for heating or air conditioning.

The thinness and strength of graphene also mean that less paint is required to achieve a durable finish.

A photograph of a room painted with coral-coloured Graphenstone paint
The room features Graphenstone Amchoor on its walls with a coral-painted headboard, which is designed to add calmness and warmth to bedrooms

The paints are produced from natural ingredients, without any chemicals, while the packaging is made from 100 per cent recycled materials and is fully recyclable.

It is the "world's most certified eco paint" according to Graphenstone, achieving the gold standard in the Cradle to Cradle certification.

Graphenstone Authumn Winter 2022 colour edit
Indigo blue pairs with Miso or Bengal yellow to create a sense of drama

The Autumn Winter 2022 edit centres around six key shades from Graphenstone's range of 96 colours: blue tones Cerulean and Indigo; green tones Brunswick and Chateaux, and red shades Carnelian and Bordeaux.

"All these colours can take on multiple personalities: intriguing, mysterious and ever-changing with differing lighting conditions," said Smith.

"Painted in our rich matt finish, they have a luxurious velvet-like appearance due to the high concentration of natural pigment."

Graphenstone Authumn Winter 2022 colour edit
Bordeaux red is offset by an accent of Brunswick green to create an intimate and dynamic mood

Smith has styled four rooms in these shades. The first is a hallway demonstrating how Cerulean can be used to create a pop of colour alongside earthy reds and pinks like Carnelian, Tuscan Red and Old Lilac.

A living room shows how Indigo can be paired with golden mustard shades like Miso or Bengal, while a dining room creates a bold contrast by pairing Bordeaux red with Brunswick green.

The edit also includes a living room that brings together different shades of green. Brunswick sits alongside the paler Nakajima to create a sense of tranquility.

"This edit of colours will glisten gloriously in a winter ray of sunshine or flickering candlelight," added Smith.

Graphenstone paints are available for the interior and exterior. For more information, visit the brand's website.

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