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Wooden chairs and bench and around dining chair

Floating Top furniture collection by Beomsuk Ko for Kobeomsuk Furniture

Dezeen Showroom: Beomsuk Ko, founder of South Korean furniture brand Kobeomsuk Furniture, has designed a dining set with components that appear to float.

Floating Top consists of a dining table, chair and bench made from robust planks of white oak, which all have components that appear to float in mid-air.

Detail of wood joinery
Gaps between elements make the top look like it is suspended above the rest of the table

The designer utilised shadow gaps between the top of the table and the seat of the chair and bench to create the optical illusion of these elements appearing to hover in the air.

This effect was created by reinforcements that are receded beneath the top and seats, and are only visible from beneath each piece.

Wooden chairs and bench and around dining chair
Simple forms allow the wood grain and joinery to decorate the pieces

The collection celebrates wood as a material through its planar, linear shapes that display the grain of the timber, as well as in the joinery that provides an element of decoration.

"The furniture is a straight and simple, but we wanted to reveal the essence of handicraft by adding wood joint details to the structural connections," said Ko. "Sliding dovetails as well as mortise and tenon joints can be found on various parts of the furniture."

Product: Floating Top furniture collection
Designer: Beomsuk Ko
Brand: Kobeomsuk Furniture
Contact: [email protected]

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