The Håg Tion task chair by Flokk

Håg Tion reimagines the "typical desk chair"

Dezeen showroom: Norwegian furniture brand Flokk has collaborated with design studios Anderssen & Voll, Hunting & Narud and Big-Game to create Håg Tion, a customisable task chair made from recycled materials.

Håg Tion was designed with hybrid working in mind and features a pared-back silhouette and customisable components that can be adapted to suit different environments.

Though Håg Tion is modelled on the typology of the "typical desk chair", it has been reduced to its minimum parts for ease of assembly and recycling.

The Håg Tion task chair by Flokk
The chair is made with up to 74 per cent recycled materials

"It was important that we create a chair that had universal appeal and that fulfilled the essentials of an office chair with a tilting mechanism, height adjustments and wheels," the studio told Dezeen.

"With the focus being materiality, we wanted a chair that reflects only the essentials. It is not meant to compete with other task chairs with full adjustability where you can sit for days on end. It is designed with our modern workflow in mind, [which involves] changing tasks throughout a diverse work day."

The Håg Tion task chair by Flokk
Customisable parts allow Håg Tion to be adapted to suit different environments

Håg Tion is made with up to 74 per cent recycled materials and its parts were designed to be repaired and refurbished throughout its lifecycle.

According to the brand, 94 per cent of the chair's plastics were recycled, as is up to 98 per cent of the aluminium used for its structural elements. A glue-free construction method means that parts can be disassembled into their individual material components for recycling.

"Our material choices were very important to this project," the studio added. "We invested a lot of effort in producing a wide range of colours, yet still maintaining circularity of the parts."

The Håg Tion task chair by Flokk
Textiles brands including Kvadrat have created a collection of complementary fabrics

HÅG Tion's open seat pan and backrest come in seven different colours, while users can choose from five painted options for the chair's stem, armrests and star base. Flokk has also partnered with textiles brands GU, Camira, Gabriel and Kvadrat on a collection of complementary fabrics.

HÅG Tion has been shortlisted in the workplace design category of Dezeen Awards 2022. Other projects up for an award include an open-source blender that is compatible with household jars and a hospital-grade breast pump that can be worn under clothes.

Product: Håg Tion
Brand: Flokk
Contact: [email protected]

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