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Office space with white and pale blue seating and tables

Workplace furniture by Narbutas features on Dezeen Showroom

Dezeen Showroom: office furniture brand Narbutas has released a variety of workplace furniture on Dezeen Showroom, including a collection designed for impromptu meetings.

Narbutas collaborated with interior designer Annie Lee on the ZooZoo collection, which consists of a tall coffee table and matching poufs intended to facilitate informal meetings.

ZooZoo by Narbutas
Small bags and books can be stored inside the poufs

The table comes in two sizes and shapes – one with a small round top and the other with a larger elliptical top – accompanied by upholstered poufs on castors that can be stowed beneath the table when not in use.

The two pieces can be painted in any desired colour and the poufs' seat can be upholstered in a range of fabrics and materials.

Pink desk and work chair in residential interior
Desks can be linked together or used solo

Italian designer and architect Paolo Pampanoni created the Zedo desk for Narbutas, which is designed to be used either in isolation or in a chain of combined work stations in both residential and workplace settings.

The desk has attachable supplementary add-ons including acoustic panels, shelves and drawers that make the desk easy to personalise according to the user's needs.

North Cape executive chair by Baldanzi & Novelli Designers for Narbutas
North Cape features a seat and backrest scored with horizontal seams

Narbutas teamed up with Baldanzi & Novelli Designers to develop the North Cape executive chair, aiming to create a task seat that is elegant and sophisticated.

The chair has a tall backrest, characterised by the presence of irregularly spaced horizontal bands, which can be upholstered in a range of fabrics and materials.

Silent Room acoustic pod by Narbutas
The pods have glass on two sides to let natural light in

The brand has built upon its range of Silent Room acoustic pods by releasing a version that has a glass rear wall in place of acoustic panelling for greater transparency in the workplace.

Users can still use the booths for their original purpose – for focused individual work, holding small meetings and making calls – without blocking out natural light from nearby windows or glass partitions.

Modular desk components on castors
Worklab is a versatile piece of office furniture

Baldanzi & Novelli designers worked with Narbutas to combine certain characteristics of room dividers, storage units, whiteboards and workstations into one piece of multi-use furniture.

The resulting item, Worklab, is highly versatile and durable thanks to its metal construction, and easily repositioned via the castors attached to its base.

Detail of perforated screen on side of desk
It is customisable with a range of optional add-ons

Narbutas is a furniture company that designs and manufactures storage, acoustic products, seating and desks for offices and workplaces.

The brand was founded in 1991 and is based in Lithuania.

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