Dezeen announces media winners for Dezeen Awards 2022

Dezeen has revealed the winners of this year's Dezeen Awards media categories, which include projects by Kaan Architechten, Unknown Brutalist Architecture in Hong Kong and Fantastic Offense.

Kin Creatives and Matt Architecture collaborated to create a render of a fairytale-like fisherman's house on a bridge, winning them visualisation of the year.

Other winners include a photograph of a prefabricated brutalist building, a database of dimensioned drawings and a film that highlights the need to raise the standard of emergency accommodation for young homeless people.

Entries were initially scored by our jury of 10 leading media industry professionals, before the winners were decided by a master jury that met at One Hundred Shoreditch in September made up digital artist Andrés Reisinger, A Vibe Called Tech founder Charlene Prempeh, architectural photographer Simone Bossi and We Present editor-in-chief Holly Fraser.

Winners will be able to celebrate and collect their trophies and certificates at the Dezeen Awards 2022 party in London on 29 November.

Find out more about the winning media projects on the Dezeen Awards website or read on below:

Photo by Kevin Mak

Architecture photograph of the year: Unknown Brutalist Architecture in Hong Kong by Brutalism Hong Kong Research Group

The image features the Eastern Sea Industrial Building, a brutalist building by architect Peter YS Pun, captured in a dense Hong Kong industrial area. The photograph was part of a series that was displayed at the exhibition BRUTAL! - Unknown Brutalism Architecture in Hong Kong.

"Sparking conversation about the juxtaposition between nature and man, this photograph forces us to reckon with the effect that we have had on the world around us," said the judges.

"Deemed a metaphor for the current crumblings of society, the image tells a story through contrast – light and dark, technology and nature, evolution and decline," they continued. "Architecture is central to the image, but part of a much larger narrative that forces us to confront the state of the world that we inhabit."

We Are Not Bad Kids was directed by Ben Falk

Architecture video of the year: We Are Not Bad Kids by Miranda MacLaren, Polina Pencheva and Heather Macey

We Are Not Bad Kids highlights the plight of youth residing in homeless shelters. The film launched at a time when youth homelessness increased rapidly due to Covid-19, forcing many rough sleepers onto the streets.

Through real stories, the campaign aims to spotlight the crisis and signal how investment in good design can benefit young people and local communities.

"This sobering video addresses the fundamental necessities of architecture to humanity, and the central role that it plays in modern society," said the media master jury. "To many, architecture as a practice is considered exclusive – even elitist – yet this video is a reminder of its universal need, and the impact it can have when properly."

Watch We Are Not Bad Kids ›

Photo courtesy of Kin Creatives and Matt Architecture

Visualisation of the year: House for a Fly Fisherman by Kin Creatives and Matt Architecture

This render was part of a collaborative process between London-based practice Matt Architecture and digital illustration studio Kin Creatives which was designed for a real building site.

The image features a fisherman's house resting on a timber footbridge over a river in a fantasy-like setting.

"This visualisation provides a solution to a real-world problem, innovatively marrying the man-made with the natural, and drawing inspiration directly from the fly fisherman's needs," said the jury.

"It is technically accomplished and has been thoroughly thought through, from design concept to actual day-to-day use, something that was not present in all entries," they added. "It evokes a calm and inviting atmosphere, and compliments its surroundings in a way that fits with the natural world while still designing for the future."

Website of the year (architecture, interiors, design): Minutes by Samuel Gadea, Florian Casarin and Julien Bidore for Kaan Architecten

The website was developed as a virtual exhibition space where viewers can discover the 12 short videos from Kaan Architecten's short film series Minutes.

Minutes' graphic language draws from black and white contrasts, informed by Kaan Architecten's core visual aesthetic.

"This website manages to be design-led without intruding on user experience. It does not sacrifice functionality for style, and showcases each project in a way that is clear, concise and comprehensive, while still being visually arresting and engaging," said the judges.

"It allows the user to dive further into each film, inviting them to explore the process and design thinking behind the projects," they continued." What first could appear to be simply a landing page evolves into a complete content experience."

Dimensions by Fantastic Offense

Website of the year (brand): Dimensions by Fantastic Offense

Dimensions is an ongoing database of dimensioned drawings that document the standard measurements and sizes of everyday objects, people, animals and spaces. The website created by Fantastic Offense includes measurements for IKEA products, a Dandie Dinmont Terrier and Pablo Picasso, amongst others.

"Innovative, odd and wholly unexpected, Dimensions approaches creative problem-solving in an entirely new way," said the media master jury.

"It pushed us to consider what we deem the purpose of a "good website" to be and challenged our thinking," they continued. "Is that in itself not what progressive design should do? An absorbing experience that sparked joy and discovery, Dimensions feels like the conjuring of a mad design genius, but one that we are desperate to know more about."