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Photograph showing lamp in living space with chair

A spectrum of lighting designs by Yamagiwa features on Dezeen Showroom

Dezeen Showroom: Japanese design brand Yamagiwa has listed a range of lighting designs on Dezeen Showroom, including a pendant lamp with a shade made from steel.

Yamagiwa's HF Series light was originally created in the 1960's by designer Preben Dal for Danish lighting design brand Hans Folsgaard.

Photograph showing lamp above dining table
HF Series has a harlequin-like pattern

The lamp, which filters light through its faceted shade, has been rereleased 50 years after it was discontinued, making it available for the contemporary market.

The two-toned grey and white pendant light comes in three sizes, which are all made up of diamond-shaped steel plates.

Stacked wooden floor lamp reflected in body of water
Taliesin was designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright

The result of another collaboration with a celebrated designer, the brand's Taliesin lamps were originally created by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1911 to light his eponymous Taliesin house in Wisconsin.

Wooden volumes and planks are arranged up a square pole and lit at intervals, which gives the effect of light being filtered through trees.

A series of nest-like lamps on a dark background
Light filters through the layered shades

Yamagiwa created its Mayuhana lamps together with well-known Japanese architect Ito, which also take cues from the natural world.

The design features a cocoon-like shade made from fine fibreglass threading, which comes in both black and white colourways and in table, floor and pendant variations.

Orange glowing lamp suspended in the middle of a spiral staircase
Pine timber shade gives the light a warm glow

Late Swedish designer Hans-Agne Jakobsson designed the Jakobsson lamp in collaboration with Yamagiwa with shades constructed from concentric rings of pine wood, sliced thinly into wide bands, giving them a tiered appearance that glows a warm honey colour when switched on.

Jakobsson lights were created with Scandinavian design principles in mind and are manufactured by artisans in Japan in floor, pendant and table versions.

Orange glowing standing lamp beside door and chair
The lamp aims to combine the design hallmarks of Scandinavia and Japan

Yamagiwa is a Japanese lighting manufacturer that was founded in 1923.

The brand designs and releases a range of pendant, floor and table lamps and frequently collaborates with recognised international designers and architects.

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