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Ten architecture projects by students at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Dezeen School Shows: a healing sanctuary for cancer patients and a biomorphically-shaped sports centre are included in Dezeen's latest school show by students at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

Also featured is a centre that aims to educate visitors on sustainable fashion and a self-sustaining relief centre designed to help people recover after natural disasters.

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Institution: Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
School: Department of Architecture and Built Environment, Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment
Course: Architecture
Tutors: Wardah Fatimah Mohammad Yusoff, Muhammad Farihan Irfan Mohd Nor, Mohd Khairul Azhar Mat Sulaiman, Mohd Farid Mohamed, Nik Lukman Nik Ibrahim, Azimin Samsul Mohd Tazilan, Ismar M S Usman, Mazlan Mohd Tahir, Noraziah Mohammad, Zabidi Hamzah, Nor Haslina Jaafar, Mohd Iskandar Abd Malek, Nur Amirah Abd Samad, Azreena Abu Bakar, Noor Aisyah Mokhtar and Kamarul Afizi Kosman

School statement:

"The Department of Architecture and Built Environment at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) was established in 2002, under the Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment.

"The architecture programmes offered are the Bachelor of Science in Architecture (LAM Part I) and Master of Architecture (LAM Part II).

"They comprise courses such as design studio, history and theory of architecture, building technology and materials, environmental science, building structures, building services and architectural communication.

"To address the niche of the programmes, four strategies have been emphasised in the design studio courses which are heritage, ethics and moral values, community and sustainability.

"Various projects have been introduced throughout the studies which involve low-rise and high-rise buildings such as the community buildings, institutions, habitable buildings, religious and cultural buildings, as well as offices and commercial buildings.

"Each project is provided with a theme for the students to explore and interpret creatively and innovatively.

"The architecture program in UKM aims to produce the architecture graduates that not only value the national identity, but are also competitive globally in the future modern world."

Composite image showing model photograph and graphics

Penumbra – A space of partial illumination by Muhammad Afif Arshad Ismail

"Anamorphosis is a distorted projection that requires the viewer to occupy a specific vantage point in order to see a distinguishable image.

"Reconstructivism defines building as responding to shading around site context. By reconstructing motherboard fragments, the conceptual model is translated from the client's journey.

"As a result, Penumbra was designed to alter perceptions by playing with shadows and allowing partial light to enter and illuminate the entire structure."

Student: Muhammad Afif Arshad Ismail
Course: Architectural Design II
Tutors: Mohd Iskandar Abd Malek, Kamarul Afizi Kosman and Azimin Samsul Mohd Tazilan
Email: afifarshad[at]icloud.com

Exterior visualisation of large building

Sirat – Islamic Centre & Society Outreach by Amirul Ariffin Mokhtar

"Sirat is an Islamic centre and community outreach based in Bangi, Selangor.

"The word 'sirat' was chosen because it has a connotation that corresponds with the notions and ideas that are attempting to be represented in this building.

"Essentially, it is intended that the natural environment and technology developed from this building would be able to translate the aspects of the network as well as bridging the gap between the communities in the local area to better know and understand each other."

Student: Amirul Ariffin Mokhtar
Course: Architectural Design V
Tutors: Wardah Fatimah Mohammad Yusoff, Ismar M S Usman, Nik Lukman Nik Ibrahim and Nur Amirah Abd Samad
Email: ariffin0128[at]gmail.com

Exterior visualisation of large building

Parallel Thoughts – Islamic Centre and Society Outreach by Milia Marnissa Mokhtar

"Slow fashion is an approach to manufacturing and designing apparel that maximises the benefits to the fashion industry and society as a whole while minimising the environmental impact.

"The textile industry is a major polluter of the environment, producing eight to ten per cent of carbon emissions; however, because we strive to keep up with trends, mass fabric manufacturing is on the rise.

"Hence, the goal is to create a centre where people can reconsider their everyday lifestyle choices and overcome misconceptions about ethical and sustainable fashion by discovering alternatives whilst incorporating Islamic principles that benefit the environment and local business."

Student: Milia Marnissa Mokhtar
Course: Architectural Design V
Tutors: Wardah Fatimah Mohammad Yusoff, Ismar M S Usman, Nik Lukman Nik Ibrahim and Nur Amirah Abd Samad
Email: miliammokhtar[at]gmail.com

Exterior visualisation of large building

Keristiwa – Visual Arts Appreciation Centre by Nur Izzah Kamilia Mohd Khalil Akmal

"Slicing through the layers of life is the concept which acts as the design generator for the visual arts appreciation centre.

"The concept aims to address the separation and segregation between the old and new buildings in the city of Melaka, as well as bettering the perception of the community towards arts and crafts.

"Slicing is essentially the bridge that connects the old and new with the intention to dissolve the barrier of segregation, therefore creating a new and unorthodox way for the users to appreciate the arts and crafts of Melaka.

Students: Nur Izzah Kamilia Mohd Khalil Akmal
Course: Architectural Design V
Tutors: Wardah Fatimah Mohammad Yusoff, Muhammad Farihan Irfan Mohd Nor and Azreena Abu Bakar
Email: nurizzahkamilia[at]gmail.com

Exterior visualisation of large building

Architecture Of Hope – A Healing Sanctuary for Cancer Patients by Foo Jessie

"As rates of cancer increase, the need for supportive care is growing. Despite this, hospitals only focus on the one-dimensional purpose of medical treatment. Treatment solely is insufficient.

"The mental health of cancer patients is a vital part of their overall wellbeing.

"The cancer care centre provides psychological, psycho-social and psycho-physical support to cancer patients and cancer survivors as well as caregivers, at the same time raising awareness for cancer in the community.

"This facility empowers cancer patients to battle cancer by focusing on the spatial experience of architecture. The main programmes focus on three phases: life before, during and after cancer."

Student: Foo Jessie
Course: Master Design Thesis
Tutors: Wardah Fatimah Mohammad Yusoff, Lim Chin Haw, Nik Lukman Nik Ibrahim and Nur Amirah Abd Samad
Email: fooojessie[at]gmail.com

Exterior visualisation of large building

Flux Community Centre by Tan Sherron

"The main concept of Flux community centre is to transform the hazardous features made by natural hydrological disasters into new opportunities.

"With the approach of aerodynamics applied to the building's form, the architecture is fluid and simple in order to minimise damage from extreme weather conditions.

"This building can act as the prototype for future flood relief centres/community centres that provide a self-sustained system and circular economies with the integrated concept of transforming negative events into life.

"Flux has integrated sustainable systems that include a hydrogen fuel cell, hydro turbine, solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems.

Student: Tan Sherron
Course: Master Design Thesis
Tutors: Muhammad Farihan Irfan Mohd. Nor, Lim Chin Haw, Zabidi Hamzah, Noraziah Mohammad, Mohd Khairul Azhar Mat Sulaiman and Nik Lukman Nik Ibrahim
Email: tan.sherron96[at]gmail.com

Exterior visualisation of large building

Lokal Dinamika by Najihatul Akmal Khalil

"Lokal Dinamika high-rise is an office tower development that aims to uplift, appreciate and promote local heritage and culture.

"The dynamic relationship between culture and locals shall be preserved through the interactivity of the development by UKM Holdings in UKM Bangi.

"The collaboration with Lokalocal as the main organisation of a travel startup that connects travellers looking for authentic local experiences in Malaysia.

"It empowers nearby communities by connecting locals with visitors from across the world."

Student: Najihatul Akmal Khalil
Course: Architectural Design Studio II (Master of Architecture)
Tutors: Ismar MS Usman and Mastor Surat
Email: najmals.work[at]gmail.com

Up high visualisation from tall building

Democracy, Voice of – X by Muhammad Asyiq Suhaimi

"Due to the lack of a suitable platform to express the views of the people, the people's trust in the ruling government has faded, leading to social slander, spreading false information, street demonstrations and riots.

"All 'unheard voices' must be brought to the main stage of debates and lectures in forming a high spirit of nationalism in society.

"The Voice-X is the main intermediary to see the real capacity of the people's power in this system so that the voices and grievances of the people are not ignored, and the democratic system can be fully strengthened."

Student: Muhammad Asyiq Suhaimi
Course: Master Design Thesis
Tutors: Mohd Iskandar Abd Malek, Muhammad Farihan Irfan Mohd Nor, Mohd Farid Mohamed, Nur Amirah Abd Samad and Mastor Surat; Zabidi Hamzah
Email: asyiqsuhaimi[at]gmail.com

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Inhabiting The Infrastructure: Towards a Robust Urban Marketplace in Kuala Lumpur by Mohammad Amin Shafian

"The phenomenon of urbanisation is growing rapidly at both global and local levels. These developments have various implications for residents' quality of life in the city.

"Studies show that the pattern of urbanisation development and the construction of new commercial centres are closely intertwined.

"Space in the city is heavily developed for commercial activities meanwhile in recent years, developments of technology have changed the culture of consumers and the way of shopping physically.

"This thesis attempts to look at the potential to develop a commercial space typology relevant to the latest shopping culture, utilise urban interstitial spaces, connected to a public transportation system and built as a flexible construction system."

Student: Mohammad Amin Shafian
Course: Master Design Thesis
Tutor: Mohd Iskandar Abd Malek
Email: amnsfn[at]gmail.com

Exterior visualisation of large building

Reka [Play] by Shahril Ezral Shahril Izuan

"The Lack of open space or green space due to population density in low-cost apartment housing causes the housing area to suffer from social and environmental problems.

"The design of this building focuses on the need for more space for sports and recreational activities for community use at PPR Kerinchi.

"Due to the limited space, this sport centre is designed vertically. The spaces involved in this sport centre are sport hall, multi-purpose hall, 'laman kebun' and 'pasar karat'.

"The design of this building has the concept of inter-[play] which is defined as each space having a dialogue between communities as well as a dialogue from space to space.

"The organically shaped building design acts as a new landmark. It also becomes an attraction for the outside community to visit to see the building.

"The Sports and recreation centre is also an economic catalyst for the residents of PPR Kerinchi."

Student: Shahril Ezral Shahril Izuan
Course: Master Design Thesis
Tutors: Mohd Khairul Azhar Mat Sulaiman, Nik Lukman Nik Ibrahim and Nor Hazman Abdul
Email: ezralshahril[at]gmail.com

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