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Gold tap and circular handle mounted on a concrete wall

Bathroom taps by Varied Forms

Dezeen Showroom: bathroom fixtures brand Varied Forms has launched a series of customisable bathroom taps and handles designed to suit a range of interiors.

The collection includes taps and shower heads that come in chrome, silver steel, soft black, warm brass and dark bronze metallic finishes.

The handle in the collection has a cylindrical shape with a metal bar at the centre that separates it into two halves. Users can choose from metallic finishes, marble or colour options for each half of the handle.

Chrome wall-mounted tap over a cream sink with a vase of leaves
The taps are available in a range of metallic finishes

The collection was designed to offer customisable options for sinks and showers that would suit any bathroom interior.

Users can update their taps and handles with different finishes after installation to suit changing bathroom needs.

Wall-mounted metallic shower tap, shower head and handles
Varied Forms designed the series for sinks and showers

"Our products allow you to create faucets that are unique to each project and each customer," said Varied Forms.

"Whether at the start or in the future, our taps can continue to be reconfigured once installed, ensuring they can always be unique, on-trend and in perfect condition without the environmental impact of needing to change an entire product."

Product: Bathroom taps
Brand: Varied Forms
Contact: [email protected]

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Black metallic floor-mounted bath tap by Varied Forms
Wall-mounted black metallic tap and handle by Varied Forms
Gold wall-mounted sink taps in a pink bathroom
Chrome wall-mounted bathroom tap and handles by Varied Forms
Chrome wall-mounted tap and handles by Varied Forms
Black metallic wall-mounted shower head and handles by Varied Forms
Gold wall-mounted shower head and handles next to a freestanding bath
Chrome wall-mounted bath taps, handles and shower head next to a bath
Black metallic shower head and handles by Varied Forms
Black metallic wall-mounted shower head and handles in a cream-tiled shower