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Symbioosa lighting by LLEV for Lasvit

Symbioosa lighting by LLEV for Lasvit

Dezeen Showroom: design studio LLEV and Czech brand Lasvit have collaborated to create a mushroom-influenced lighting collection named Symbioosa, which is launching at Milan design week.

On show at Euroluce at Salone del Mobile, the Symbioosa floor and table lamps feature a domed lampshade that nods to the shape of mushroom caps.

The lampshade made by blowing glass into forms made of mycelium, giving it a unique, irregular and textured organic shape.

Photo of the Symbioosa table lamp on a bedside table in a neutral-coloured bedroom
The Symbioosa lighting collection has an organically textured lampshade created by blowing glass into a mycelium mould

The collection builds on LLEV and Lasvit's previous collaboration, Symboll, which used the same technique.

For Symbioosa, the studios added a bulb with a changeable light temperature that varies throughout the day to support people's natural rhythms.

Users can dim the light or change the colour between a spectrum of white and yellow light.

Photo of the Symbioosa floor and table lamps by Lasvit giving off a soft, warm light through textured glass lampshades in a dark room
The lighting temperature can be changed to support natural rhythms at different times of the day

The Symbioosa lighting is intended to help the inhabitants of an interior connect with nature and exist "in symbiosis" with users.

"We didn't intend to replicate the round shape of a mushroom cap but rather opted for an asymmetrical oval shape which changes based on where you look at it from," said LLEV founders Eva and Marcel Mochal.

"In this case, imperfection is actually a form of perfection."

Product: Symbioosa
Designer: LLEV
Brand: Lasvit
Contact: [email protected]

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