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Méne lighting by Ross Gardam

Méne lighting by Ross Gardam

Dezeen Showroom: the Méne lighting collection by Australian designer Ross Gardam was created to have a celestial quality and is made from mouth-blown glass.

"The objects appear like a lunar apparition, delicately floating in mid-air," said Gardam of the Méne collection, which encompasses a pendant and table lamp.

Photo of a frosted glass Méne pendant hanging in front of a partially open white curtain, with a Méne table lamp in frosted black on a black plinth behind it
The Méne lighting collection features a table lamp and pendant

Both of the lamps feature an ethereal-looking rippled orb-shaped luminaire — the pendant's suspended on the end of a delicate, barely visible wire, and the table lamp's blooming out of a compact, matching glass base.

Gardam describes the luminaires as the result of the studio's continual experimentation with traditional glass blowing techniques and innovative engineeering, in this case yielding a soft glass texture with unique variation in each piece produced.

Close-up photo of the Méne pendant by Ross Gardam
The luminaires have a softly rippled texture

The lamps are available in a range of glass finishes — clear, frosted clear, black or frosted black — and completed with minimal metal elements in champagne-coloured anodised aluminium.

Méne is made in Australia and assembled by hand in Gardam's Melbourne-based studio.

Product: Méne
Designer: Ross Gardam
Contact: [email protected]

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