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Photo of Tri Light by Tokio

Tri Light modular pendant by Tokio

Dezeen Showroom: design brand Tokio has created a modular sculptural light with a honeycomb-like structure that is inspired by Japanese shoji.

The light has a curving design and is comprised of milled and anodised aluminium triangles that were specially designed to be infinitely expanded upon to create different configurations.

Photo of Tri Light
Tri Light elements can be added and expanded to create different configurations

"An infinitely expandable design system, the Tri Light illuminates the timeless geometry of nature within the areas we inhabit," said Tokio.

"It is luminous and ethereal, yet as timeless as the laws of physics themselves," the brand continued. "The Tri Light is an expression of fundamental forces that are universal yet infinitely diverse."

Photo of the light
It was inspired by shoji screens

Tokio used Japanese shoji, a type of paper screen typically used as a wall, partition, or sliding door in Japan, to inform the design.

"Inspired by Japanese shoji concept, Tri Light is the combination of old traditions and modern technology – we set out to design something that would be modern, classical and timeless at the same time," the brand said.

Photo of Tri Light
The light has a sculptural form

It has a dimmable light and can be tuned from 2700K to 4000K lighting, and the design can be divided into zones so that each area omits different light strengths and temperatures.

Product: Tri Light
Brand: Tokio
Contact: [email protected]

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