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Woven Image offers acoustic solution for exposed concrete offices

Promotion: acoustic products brand Woven Image has launched Fuji, a range of ceiling tiles designed to improve sound quality in workspaces with raw concrete interiors.

The Fuji collection responds to the growing trend for commercial offices with industrial material surfaces and exposed ceilings.

With their concave three-dimensional shapes, the tiles offer higher acoustic performance than typical flat panels, tiles or baffle systems.

Fuji acoustic ceiling tiles by Woven Image
The Fuji tiles feature concave three-dimensional shapes

"The last decade has seen commercial workspaces being designed with higher and more exposed ceilings, alongside an increased use of hard surfaces like brushed or polished concrete," said Woven Image. "Furthermore, hybrid working has resulted in the office increasingly becoming a place for people to connect and collaborate, exchanging ideas and information."

"Fuji addresses these advances in workplace design where the cohesion of acoustic function with beautiful aesthetics has never been more important," the brand continued.

Fuji acoustic ceiling tiles by Woven Image
They come in square and rectangular versions

The Fuji acoustic ceiling tiles are made using a felt produced from 100 per cent PET plastic, 64 per cent of which is post-consumer plastic, in a process powered by solar energy.

"Woven Image has recycled 6200 tonnes of PET plastic to manufacture its acoustic finishes – that's 301 million 600-millilitre plastic bottles diverted from landfill and waterways," said the manufacturer.

Fuji acoustic ceiling tiles by Woven Image
The tiles are available in 23 colour options

The tiles feature tiered shapes and curved corners, giving them a graphic feel that combines references to art-deco architecture and Japanese-style design, and integrate with other acoustic wall panels in the Woven Image collection.

The design can be either ceiling-mounted or suspended and are compatible both with Woven Image's ceiling hardware products and those of brands including Knauf, Rondo and Studco.

Fuji acoustic ceiling tiles by Woven Image
Different-sized tiles can be used in combination

There are four size options, all designed to work in combination if required. These include the long rectangular Juni, a larger version named Hachi, the square-format Roku or the large square Ku.

These are stocked in four colourways that include cream, onyx and the two-tone combinations of onyx and cream, and cream and duck-egg.

The tiles can also be made to order in other colourways. There are 23 colours to choose from, available in either single or dual colour options.

Fuji acoustic ceiling tiles by Woven Image
The felt material is made using recycled PET plastic

Woven Image's acoustic tests show that Fuji tiles offer high performance for absorbing mid-to high-frequency sounds, making them well-suited to office environments where noise can disrupt productivity.

The product comes with environmental certifications including the Global GreenTag GreenRate level A, Platinum Product Health Declaration, Declare, Red List Free and Low VOC.

"The careful selection of sustainable materials and design form enables its high acoustic performance, while supporting both environmental and occupants' wellbeing" added Woven Image.

For more information about Woven Image products, visit the brand's website.

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