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Arana Lasch Dior store in Qatar

Aranda\Lasch creates glowing facade with undulating fins for Dior in Qatar

US studio Aranda\Lasch has created an interior facade for a Dior store outside of Doha with towering, curvaceous fins backlit by glowing translucent panels.

Located in the Place Vendôme mall in Lusail, Qatar, the Dior Femme facade stands 72 feet tall (22 metres tall) and contains a main entrance flanked by window displays.

A large facade with undulating rippling panels
Aranda\Lasch has created an interior facade for a Dior store in Qatar

Aranda\Lasch designed the rippling facade as a homage to the textile construction used throughout the fashion brand's garments.

"Inspired by how the brand's designers, starting with Monsieur Dior, use pleating to turn something soft into something geometric, we strove to transform the softness, movement, and luminous qualities of fabric into architectural materials," said the studio.

A large facade with undulating rippling panels
The facade features a textured frontage that pays homage to the brand's fashion garments

"Like the pleats in a Dior dress swaying with the movement of the body, the facade tries to capture a fleeting moment with an architecture of unexpected lightness."

It consists of a series of rippling white fins fused onto a translucent backlit surface that is framed by a mezzanine and columns of stone.

A large facade with undulating rippling panels
It consists of a series of fins affixed to a glowing, translucent secondary facade

The fins were made from a "thermoformed solid surface" and were varied in oscillation and depth to create a dynamic, changeable texture.

Working with solid surface contractor Rosskopf + Partner, the team let the physical constraints of the material guide the creation of the curves.

Two mannequins in a Dior store
The fins were made of a solid-surface material

"The facade appears like drawn sheer curtains from the side letting only subtle figures of light and shadow peer through, but open up and allows full view of the storefront, mezzanine and entrances from the front," said the studio.

"The effects on the light, the movement and the texture all lead to an architectural pleat in motion."

Curvaceous white panels
The team created algorithms to shape the material in specific curves

Each fin was etched with a grooved pattern to further diffuse light and soften its materiality.

The same solid-surface material and glass were used to create the translucent panels on which the fins were placed.

Aranda\Lasch worked with lighting designer Molly McKnight and lighting manufacturers Coolegde to design an LED lighting system for the background that produces a solid, white light.

"Dior demanded nothing but uniformity of light," said the team.

Dior logo on a backlight facade
An LED lighting system was used to create uniform white light

The pieces were fabricated in Germany before being shipped to Qatar where Aranda\Lasch assembled the piece in collaboration with facade consultant Front and facade contractor Seele.

"In the end, the installation is the largest most complex solid surface application worldwide," said the team.

Dior Femme – Place Vendôme has been shortlisted in the architectural lighting design category of Dezeen Awards 2023.

Aranda\Lasch previously created marble displays for a Valextra store in Miami and oversized architectural elements for a Kaws exhibition in Shanghai.

The photography is by Gerry O’Leary. 

Project credits:

Design: Aranda\Lasch
Facade consultant: Front
Lighting designer: Molly McKnight
Executive architect: G4
Solid surface manufacturer: Rosskopf + Partner AG
Facade contractor: Seele Inc.

More images

facade diagram
Fin Seams and Texture: 3D drawing with seam location and color mapping the depth of fluting. Image courtesy of Aranda\Lasch.
Two mannequins in a Dior store
white rippling facade
Arana Lasch Dior store in Qatar
white rippling facade