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Elvie breast pump
by Elvie

Shortlisted for wearable design of the year at Dezeen Awards 2019, Elvie Pump by Elvie is the world’s first silent wearable breast pump designed to be worn inconspicuously in any nursing bra.

The Elvie breast pump is intended to be a complete departure from existing pump technology, putting women at the centre of the design process to create an entirely new pumping experience that offers more freedom and mobility.

Unlike most devices for expressing milk, Elvie's breast pump is compact and wire-free, so new mothers can move around freely without being bound to sit by a power socket. The hands-free pump gives women the flexibility to go about their daily routine while pumping, without worrying about cords, wardrobe changes or the sound of traditional electric breast pumps.

Users can also control the pump from their phone via an app, avoiding the need to fiddle with buttons on the pump inside their bra.

Designer: Elvie
Project: Elvie Pump

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