2019 results

T02 Soft Chair
by Thomas Bentzen for Takt

Shortlisted for seating design of the year at Dezeen Awards 2019, Soft Chair by Thomas Bentzen for Takt features a tight wooden frame with a soft back and a curved seat.

The designer wanted to create an honest design language in which all parts are visible and a part of the experience. Bentzen aimed to design a chair that was comfortable, durable and responsibly-produced, as well as using materials thoughtfully. Combining organic details with seating ergonomics, the Soft Chair uses an intelligent application of moulded veneer. Its natural variation between dark and light colours of the wood veins reflect the seasonal changes of a growing tree.

Soft Chair is made using solid FSC-certified ash wood and is shipped flatpack, minimising CO2 emissions. It is 100 per cent eco-labelled – produced using wood from sustainable forests, which are given time to naturally regenerate, sustaining local wildlife. It is also constructed for disassembly, meaning that Soft Chair can be separated out into key materials for recycling and worn parts can be replaced. Soft Chair is constructed and tested for durability and has a five-year warrant and is coated with a very thin water-based lacquer, that allows easy cleaning while emphasising the natural pattern of the wood.

Designer: Thomas Bentzen for Takt
Project: T02 Soft Chair
Read more: Thomas Bentzen


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