2019 shortlists

Welcome and illusion of life
by ArchiWorkshop

Welcome and illusion of life is an art project by ArchiWorkshop involving recording and archiving a village that was due to be demolished for development.

Before the demolition, a house in the village was the site of an art installation for 21 days. Architects wrapped the house, while artists visualised the connection between the house and the community through various media, collecting sounds from the surroundings. On the first day of the exhibition, violinist Hye-Sun Sim and cellist Hye-Won Sim played a musical piece written by Martinu in 1927. This installation acted as a "funeral" for the house, through the meeting of architecture, installation art and music.  The membrane from the site was put into eco-bags and distributed to people.

Designer: ArchiWorkshop
Project: Welcome and illusion of life
Shortlisted for: Installation design
Read more: ArchiWorkshop

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