Dune Formations by Zaha Hadid



If you think there is enough Zaha Hadid stuff on dezeen already then you'll have to bear with us as we have a few more things to get through...


...such as Dune Formations, the installation Hadid presented at the Venice Art Biennale, which opened this week.


Dune Formations consists of an interior landscape of furniture pieces with non-specific uses. They were commisioned by David Gill Galleries of London.


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Below is the press release:




David Gill Galleries and Zaha Hadid are proud to announce the opening of the Dune Formations installation to be previewed at the Scuola dei Mercanti during the Venice Biennale, 2007.

The body of work has been created exclusively for the David Gill Galleries London and is a Tcontinuation of Hadid’s research and exploration into the dialogue of material geometry. Always questioning the restrictions imposed by an orthogonal arrangement, the total fluidity of her work continues to push the boundaries of architecture and design.

Dune Formations is an organic ensemble of unique furniture elements ranging from wall Dune Formations is an organic ensemble of unique furniture elements ranging from wall shelving units, tables, benches and an artificial tree. Every piece of the installation challenges traditional Cartesian geometries by blending vertical and horizontal into continuous three-dimensional surfaces. Advanced 3d modelling techniques are combined with the processes of digital production and innovative materials. Metal and resins are melted into sinuous shapes, finished with a bespoke golden orange colour created in the UK.

Dune Formations emerge as a series of distinct elements, all generated by a common series of topological rules and differentiated by unique design features. The elements nest into each other to form a dynamic three-dimensional ensemble, where each object affects its neighbours and at the same time has the ability to live on its own as a piece.

Domestic objects are redefined into abstractions that lead to a unique interpretation of an interior landscape. Each element suggests a multiplicity of possible uses, introducing a creative combination of horizontal surfaces, display areas and seating elements.

Dune Formations for David Gill Galleries can will be showcased at the Scuola dei Mercanti, Campo de Madonna dell’Orto, Cannaregio, 3933, Venezia.

Press Preview: 7/8/9 June from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Cressida Wilson


60 Fulham Road, London SW3 6HH, UK
Tel: +44 (0) 02 7589 5946 Tel: +44 (0) 02 7589 5946
Email: Cressida [@] davidgillgalleries.com

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  • Nuno

    More of the same from Zaha…

    You guys should just put the Zaha website URL on Dezeen and cut on the blog entries here. It’s getting pretty anoying, since there is SO MUCH good stuff to show!

  • From the pictures the room for exhibition seems very…dark and sterile. Yes, indeed it gives the Dune Formation good mood, optimize its characteristic. But how if it placed in the ‘real’ space: say it house, office, apartment, etc.? It still need to be proved.

  • Grzechu

    “an interior landscape”-my-ass… She doesn’t really expect us to take it seriously, does she?

  • Longtooth

    Hint. Check the student portfolios of any good school of Industrial Design during the 60’s and 70’s; particularly with reference to forms of moving objects i.e. planes, cars, motor cycles. It was just as sleazy and annoying then as well. This particular method of form making was generally referred to as having “authenticity” since one could psychologically and intellectually track the “maker’s mark”. At that time it was a rather popular ‘theory of form’.
    Interestingly, it also became a common strategy at that time to adopt an imperious attitude (a la Frank Lloyd Wright, Paris Hilton) as a sort of P.R. device, and to develope self-referential designs which are by definition impossibe to critcize with intellectual criteria. Indeed, Hadid is a very clever modern day P.T.Barnum. http://www.infoplease.com/ce6/people/A0806257.html

  • MisterZee

    It’s, I don’t know…I just can’t see it anymore! Please, there are a few other Designers, Architects out there…please, let us see more of them and less Zaha. Please……?!

  • Nuno

    MisterZee.. no luck for you! I’ve been on that bandwagon for about 3-4 months, and still no luck!

    Dezeen is like a Hadid blog… but luckily for us there are some great posts non-Zaha related! ;)

    Please Dezeen, show us some clichés (no! Not Zaha!!), like Starck, Morrison, Ito, Lovegrove and so on and so on!!!!! At least they always do different stuff!

  • Neil byrne

    As much as i love zaha’s work she really risks being overexposed in a way which will not do her enormous talent any justice

  • i love zahas’ bergisel ski-jump but those fluids or something taste really bad :/

  • Ville-Valtteri

    “Dune Formations consists of an interior landscape of furniture pieces with non-specific uses” Yes indeed it’s easy to understand that there’s no use for this kind of rubbish. Our living environment is overwhelmed by things of no use which just increase consuming etc.. I’ts hard for me to see the agenda for this work even though i like the architecture of Hadid. Should You just concider on architecture!?

  • Victor V.

    Zaha Hadid spins poetic circles on the dance floor of abnormal design. All her design work, from architectutre to furniture to lighting, is extremely fresh, alive, and pure. There exists great freedom, power, and energy in her work.

  • zaha hadid the best contemporary sculptor

  • ben

    How does she get away with doing the same thing over and over…

  • dear longtooth, can you expalin please your very complicate comment? with simplicity? 60 70 portfolio?? this is different these complex form are maked by complex 3d sofware.
    giorgio righi riva

  • abhi

    wierd is amazing now.
    so she has to be.
    really wonder she has in her mind while designing sumthing widout purpose,thats what i love abt her,her boldness.
    i dnt think she would give a damn to any of the above critics.cuz she is liberated beyond ur thoughts

  • Ricardo

    The Zaha´s way is unpredictble. You can´t say “the same thing”, over and over again. I think you have to understand the concepts of her things. A photo is just a photo…

  • JayRajpra

    change the colour, take out the moody lighting, and your left with..? …not much really

  • RMcLane

    Sure take the colour, the light and such out of anything in life and you are left with..? Your right Jay, not really much.

  • İncredible.


  • I do appreciate Zaha's work in expressing this total freedom and flow, however i a new challenge will be for her to be thrown into more restrictive space where more parts of the project need to fuction and be significant.