Sabar sex toy by Michael Young



Industrial designer Michael Young has designed another sex toy, this time called Sabar.


Young will launch the product at 100% Design Tokyo this October, with a giant chandelier made up of 350 of the vibrators hanging at the show's entrance (below). Young is the creative director for the show, which runs from 31 October to 4 November.


Below is some info from Young:


Michael Young has designed SABAR, this tech-no splendid sex toy in opiate-free plastic. Designed with continuous sensuous super curves to allow full fluid flexibility. Using the principle of nodes and anti-nodes the side panels have been scooped out for maximum vibration. A light switch at the front allows for speed change.

The product will be launched at 100% Design Tokyo, October 29th 2007. A limited batch will be available at the Michael Young shop inside the venue. To celebrate this Michael has designed a love chandelier for the entrance of the show with 350 vibrating sex toys in the form of a love heart.

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  • F

    no doubt this will go out of stock quickly .
    waiting list a must .

  • David

    I think the shock value of sex toys is over If you look at the sex toys market there are loads of vibrators that look this…a bit “designed”.

  • PQ

    Why do they need to shock ? this is a funcional industrial product not a media whore , we all need a good orgasm david and i would not mind puting this between my legs darling!

  • Tony M

    lame ass marketing stunt, next

  • david

    Sory PQ but I think this is “media whore” or at least hoping to be…it is signed Michael Young afterall. With reference to “shocking” this comes from the link between “Famous” designers creating sex toys, this tactic has already been done by the likes of Dixon, Newson, Ghion etc. All that said, If it stimulates you sexually then good job Young.

  • Needed ALMOST as much as another chair or desk lamp.

  • ben

    na – i think this thing is hell good!!
    nice way to bling out my sock draw!!!

  • michael young

    I think its bit sad to use the word “tactic” , i dont think it is shocking , it is just another Industrial design project that keeps the studio running and its fun. What is positive is that it is , other than medical grade silicon toys the first opiate free sex-toy, made in a factory that produces 30,000 rubbish sex toys. It has educated the factory in China and created a fresh view point. Any way I will design any old shite if a feel like it ! BURP

  • great!

    why no one go to me for this kind design? haha…

  • what’s the use of the red area?

  • michael young

    The ON button Einstein

  • David

    “I will design any old shite if a feel like it ! BURP”

    I noticed

  • I have a suggetion that many add a ‘circle ring’ at the small end for easier to handle and control it.

    You guys get what I mean, I bet women would love it,haha..

    Interesting design…

  • F

    wether for or against , the fact is the product immediately drew every one ‘ s attention , and comments .
    the proof of its success is …euh .. in the vibrator .
    and Michael Young made his point !

  • btc

    it aint easy to sort this kind of product out if you know anything about industrial production , the tooling on this must have been heavy going ….respect

  • Michael, great looking design! I like the cut-out relief you intuited down the sides of the object. This device will look good in my sock draw, where might I get a chance to buy one of these black beautiful pieces.

    Oh, by the way the crowd that you run with is quite critical of you work. A good piss-off may be in order!

    Best Marcus-

    Cellular 619.726.9012

  • togon

    I’m doubting the design since the bottom part lacks any enlarged part to prevent the whole toy getting inside during anal play. This could be dangerous.

  • pablo

    looks like the thin end would actually go in first to me cause of the grooves , but if you put the fat end you could put it out with the grooves …. but maybe it was designed for women not men, if your gay maybe you good just sort of fart it out

  • David

    Maybe they should ask more women to design vibrators ?, maybe it would give more pleasure to the user and look different, the result would probably wouldn’t look like a “Knignt Rider” teenage gadget, although this style might appeal to the gay male consumer.

  • felcity

    if you farted this out you could get a free mini zaha hadid exhibition

  • I’d like to see a Haha Zadid designed vibrator. Could you ask her when it’s coming please Marcus?


    Good fun to watch this ripping ! actually the toy was professionally tested from the start of design phase to finishing by an female expert in New York , fact !

  • chapmaniac

    Good point david, speaking of, Mattali Crasset designed a beautiful one that looks nothing like a phallus, and prob works much better

  • You’re right Chapmaniac. Matali Crasset’s sex toy – called 8th Heaven – can be seen here.

  • Beautiful.

    I can live without the flared base.

  • thats the best DEZEEN FORUM ever!

  • That does look like it would feel good. When will it hit the U.S.?

  • Tara

    What exactly is meant by ‘opiate-free’ plastic. Several blogs have mentioned this as a selling point, including the above post. Pardon if I’m making myself look woefully stupid here, but I wasn’t aware of there being a narcotics problem with plastic. I suspect that ‘phthalate-free’ might be the phrase we’re looking for here kids.

  • The toy looks very nice, sleek and futuristic, giving it a clean feel. However the functions seem to be a bit lacking just from looking at it. That seems to be the case a lot of time with the very ‘fancy’ looking toys, they add to the look but reduce the functions. There are exceptions to this of course but from what I’ve seen that seems pretty standard. I would really like to see some very nice looking toys with heavy functionality to boot.

  • Rio

    Looks good, but the switch position makes me think it may be not so easy to operate or hang onto to.

  • We are just pleased to see plenty of energy and thought going into the Adult market. We really think that the adult toy industry is just starting to evolve into something quite tasteful and adventurous.

  • This is great I wish I had one

  • Rica

    Actually, this is the first time that I saw this kind of sex toy since 2007 and i found it so nice and trendy style.. Micheal is really a genius when it comes of producing a good quality sex toys like “Sabar”. Nice!

  • That Good Stuff

  • Anna

    This one is really good, I love it!

  • Very very nice!! I want one!

  • There are many sex toys like this on the market already, i really don't see why this one would stand out from the crowd. I wish adult toy designers would be more adventurous!

  • Now that must be a powerful sex toy. Nice one, keep them coming…

  • smsa

    imagine it needs a to be plugged into an A/c supply instead of batteries….i can think of lots of possibilities……imagine getting electric shocked, or a when theres a blackout or when you cant find an AC socket or when the wire is too short or when you forgot to bring your travel adaptor…..fruit for thought..haha