Packaging Lights by Anke Weiss


Dutch Design Week: designer Anke Weiss has created a series of lights from used food and drink packaging.

Weiss traces the patterns and text on the packaging with hundreds of pin-pricks, which allow the light to shine through.

The lights were exhibited at Eat Drink Design in Eindhoven during Dutch Design Week last month.

Update 20/11/07: Weiss has just sent us some further information about the project. Here it is:


The packaging lights show the transformation of a mass-product into a unique item. Through individual adaptation, the packaging of products like juice, cookies or soap gain a new purpose. The packaging (the purpose of which is to support the sale of its contents) becomes a product itself. It survives the point where it usually turns into garbage.

Elements used in the layout of the packaging which call upon the emotions and desires of the consumer are isolated, and selected parts of the graphics are highlighted. Symbols, words and the structure of the designs make use of deeply rooted spiritual feelings and subconscious longings. The packaging exceeds its original context and gains the radiance of a shrine or icon.

For me making something equals thinking about something. I not only see my pieces as being functional but also as a medium for critical exploration and analysis – a visual form of communication.

I wish to challenge the perception of today’s products and technologies, exploring how I as a visual communicator can be part of a political, environmental and social debate.

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  • Mattia Nuzzo

    Love this.

  • heath


  • Nisa


  • commercial zen.

  • nicholas


  • lina

    the contemporary shiny consumer’s world in a different light! alle achtung.

  • What a fantastic use of so called “waste”! Go urban ore!

  • tom

    Anke, ik ben onder de indruk! Super product

  • Evelien

    Anky, kijk nu toch anders naar mijn pak granaatappelsap!
    Erg mooi.

  • Kory

    amazing effect with minimal effort n much thinking!


  • J


  • nada abi nader.designer

    i am really proud about finding designer creating luxury beautiful sparkling effect in our daily life ustensils what a pleasure during shopping

  • PPatrício

    Great stuff!

  • Bianca


  • Hi Anke, bin beeindruckt! Gibt es so etwas bald in den Regalen zu kaufen? Wäre cool!

  • Fla

    she stole the idea from an argentine artist luis teran…

  • S.

    Luckily there are many people with good ideas
    on the planet.
    You are a bit fast shouting about stealing.
    There are more artists around who are concerned
    about the same things.
    (and that is a positive thing- . . .ever heard of the term ‘generation’ ?)
    Can’t google any images of this luis by the way. . .

  • Birgitt, Meckenheim

    Weiter so

  • Maria und Peter

    Anke, super!! Eine tolle , kreative Idee!

  • Janesea

    Nice Idea!

  • Superb, Marvellous, excellent etc, etc… No matter what I say in appreciation but my words may not match the beauty of the work that has been displayed, its like a view of a life time :)
    I would love to share such creative ideas which can provide another boom to this industry.

    Thanks and Best wishes

    Harry Bradman.

  • 67street

    smart use of this packages!

  • sandra bassil

    so magical! i love it!

  • Federoide

    Oh my god! this is genius, such a simple idea and yet such an amazing outcome! love it.

  • Jon

    I guess Fla is talking about this….