Drawerment by Jaroslav Jurica



Czech designer Jaroslav Jurica of Hubero Kororo Design Group created the Drawerment storage system for Dutch design house Demakersvan.


The installation consists of second-hand drawers in wall-mounted MDF housings.


Jurica designed the storage to mark the 15 year anniversary of Tejo Remy's chest of drawers for Droog Design entitled You Can't Lay Down Your Memory.


Here's some more information from Jurica:


DRAWERMENT drawers on the wall

Drawerment is a composition of drawers collected from old office furniture. Flying freely over walls, desks and floors, they break up tight office atmosphere. As a herd, they sometimes group together but naturally go their own way when being used.


The Drawerment is a small anniversary of 15 years of "Tejo remy Chest of Drawers" - A piece of art that let loose the 'rigid' era of product design at that time.

The composition has been designed for Demakersvan dutch design house as a part of their renovated studio in Rotterdam.

Jaroslav Jurica, Hubero Kororo Design Group
Czech Republic
MDF, second hand drawers
Demakersvan, the Netherlands

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  • jed

    this is right up my street. great work!

  • Austin

    Tejo Remy just threw up in his mouth a little bit.

  • stev

    nice – but a very very old idea…

  • Looks good in a gallery, and great if the point if you are trying to recycle, but quite impractical in reality

  • Nice execution. Vintage fronts, white surrounds. I’ll be digging in the basement this weekend to make a few of my own.

  • sunny

    nice composition of boxes,i very much impressed with it.thank you

  • Heey man, congratulation! This is really good piece of work. More over s usual nice light in all of yours pictures.

    Keep working


    Nice Idea, just don’t lean on them!

  • Ida

    Indeed no new idea at all. And as I have the choice, I prefer schubladen.de