Nest by Morph



Designers Morph have created the Nest range of kitchenware for London-based producers Joseph Joseph.


The collection consists of kitchen equipment including non-slip mixing bowls, measuring cups and a juicer, which all fit inside each other.


Three different sets will be available from October, in white or multi-coloured plastic.



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  • Fudge

    Really good product, great “home starter kit” bravo !

  • cpcp

    finally some decent design!

  • emil


  • omar

    super nice. cool colours to.. well done
    post some photos to (these are renders right?)

  • jed_

    great attention to detail. WANT!

  • Azeem

    Extremely Functional & use full .

  • rypat

    reminds me of Naef toys from Switzerland.
    which is a really good thing.

  • ambroise

    just perfect

  • Edward J. M

    Joseph Joseph are the best product designers I know in London. They are twins brothers and their products are always amazing, useful and cool . BRILLIANT!!!

  • Zenza


  • Matty D

    very nice! design incorporated into function

  • Really beautifully designed, with all that seductive colour I might even be seduced in to actually doing some cooking !! keep up the good work.

  • Myles.M

    Brilliant. applaud Joseph.Joseph

  • Fbot

    So sweet

  • Jessica

    I am into the curvy-ness. Its simply amazing.
    The use of bright colours will fit into any kitchen decor.

  • Honkie

    Simple and beautiful. a re design of something familair worth owning!

  • leandro locsin

    FINALLY! scale with meaning. =)

  • MiM

    Lovely design and beautiful 60’s style colours

  • becky howard

    how do I purchase the colorful nest by Morph…and the cost?

  • becky howard

    where can I purchase the nest…

  • Zennia Pimienta

    How can i get one, Love it. So space smart

  • Ali Jalali

    it’s very delicious!

  • the big black & white zebra

    It’s based on a cabbage…..

    … go on, yes it is

    it is, it is, it is…..

    cooooooollllll tho’ – I like too much

  • Just saw this post about the “nest” sets we designed for JosephJoseph. Thanks for the comments, and as for availability they should be hitting the shops very soon. For more information on this and our other designs for JJ please see