Alphabunnies by Airside



Designers Airside have created an alphabet formed by leggy cartoon rabbit girls.


Designed by Airside's Malika Favre, the alphabet is called Alphabunnies. Top: V. Above: E. Below: M.


The Alphabunnies poster can be bought from the Airside shop.


Above: A. Below: D.


Here's some info from Airside:


You've all heard of adult education but our new Alphabunnies screenprint gives that term a deviant new twist.


So pay attention class it's time for your A-B-Cs. If you can tear your eyes away from those provocative bunny-ladies for two seconds you might learn something.


Actually you may do so by continuing your slack-jawed gawping as our sexy hybrid bunny girls have very kindly arranged themselves in alphabetical positions by your delectation and education.


It's just like school but with Hugh Hefner in charge and David Lynch as your favourite maths teacher.


Alphabunnies is hand screen printed on high-grade 216g Astrolux paper. Limited edition of 100 - each print is signed and numbered by the designer.


Comes rolled with certificate of authenticity. Frame not included. Size 100x70cm.

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  • Zenza

    This is a weird post…

  • Tyler.

    it’s really sick :D

  • bokem

    cute and useless

  • Paolo

    Why guys you upload a new post every 2 days. I am visiting the site everyday and I see nothing new at all. 1 post per day. Before Dezeen was different.

  • Tyler.

    Paolo, start using rss ;-)

  • Dr Skruffknuckles

    This would not work well at a small scale, I think the designers of these fonts should take a look at some classic fonts like comic sans or arial and work backwards from there.

    It was a good attempt however

  • beautiful! original!

  • F

    cute , fun , ironic and very pretty …

  • meh.. strange.. seems to be a mix of animalia.. cat + bunny?
    think playboy already has the sexy bunny.. why make a mutated one?

  • bald skull

    i am so moved by this post.

    really, it has altered my entire outlook of design and typography across a wide spectrum of application. no longer will i simply type things, i will create subtle stories using type to express myself. i will coo with glee as my associates read my morning memo’s using an array of characters meant to convey my wit.

    thank you for openeing an entirely new world of opportunities for me to express myself.

  • Don’t be so closed minded… Image a bar or a discothec with bunnies on the walls as decoration…

    amazing desing…. think outside the box, for a second, you can have a glipse of creativity

  • F


  • colourgenetik

    neato. great style. want them as a series of prints.

  • Samo_on_Line

    That alphabunny type is just great!
    Where can I find more of your portfolio?

  • doyix

    fantasticool in many ways. want it more !

  • Lust

    Love the lines.
    This IS great design.Clean and simple.<3