Bag Stools by Gitta Gschwendtner



London designer Gitta Gschwendtner has created a series of stools cast from moulds based on paper shopping bags.


Each stool is made of a mixture of concrete and wood fibres.


The project was commissioned by Time Out magazine and the Design Museum, where the stools are on show.


More information on Gschwendtner's new website.


Gschwendtner has also relaunched her website:

The information below is from Gitta Gschwendtner's press release:


Design Museum and Time Out have commissioned Gitta Gschwendtner to investigate the tangible link between design and the city in an installation for the Design Museum Tank exploring the theme “Consume”. Referencing material consumption, Gitta Gschwendtner has created woodcrete stools cast from moulds based on paper shopping bags.

Their individual, irregular form is created during the casting process and the woodcrete is made up from a mixture of concrete and wood fibres which makes it lighter and a more environmentally friendly material. The stools provide the visitor with a place to experience a contemplative moment to sit and consume the view of London, taking in its sights and sounds and presenting an alternative to the materialistic consumption prevalent in our lives today.

Set up in 1998 Gitta Gschwendtner’s design consultancy includes furniture, interior, exhibition design and public art for arts, cultural and corporate clients. The website features a selection of past and current work including the new Bag Stool installation at the Design Museum Tank.

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  • David Klemmer

    Amazing design. Fits perfectly into urban spaces like shopping streets.

  • OLGV.

    Amazing overall works….

  • kosovat

    I admire Gitta Gschwendtner for her ideas, they are very innovative and originally too!!! respect!!!

  • gaas bijkker

    very nice design, no bullshit, no pretention, just cool..

  • gaque

    wait wait wait…a mould “based on paper bags?????”
    are these stools actually moulded from concrete placed into paper bags…or are they made from concrete poured into moulds that resemble paper bags?

    if the latter, forget it…next project please.

  • will

    A v good designer- love her works

  • bald skull

    very cool

  • Very interesting work. Natural elements in shape and material lead you to the marginal world of design, craft and art.

  • cpcp

    so what if its a mould which is only based on a paper bag? It works so whats the problem…. ?
    She could have reinforced the bag somehow, for example by dipping it in resin or something which cures to support the concrete…

  • gaque

    the problem would be is that its simply some concrete that cured in a bag-like shape. okay it works, i give you that, it wont break when i sit on it…and so what? so does a big stone.

  • juta

    love your approach!

  • Jittasak

    Nice design, Good eye to find a simple way. The best part is a paper mold…Think out side the bag!!! Very cool inspiration.