Hana by Shige Hasegawa Design



Milan 09: Tokyo designer Shige Hasegawa will present a table and lamp called Hana (meaning 'flower' in Japanese) in Milan next week.


The table consists of five interlocking, plywood, petal-shaped legs slotted through a glass top.


The lamp, called Hana Stretch, is made of a metal frame covered in fabric that is fastened with a zip.


Hana will be on show in the Salone Satellite at the Milan Furniture Fair, 22-27 April.


Here's some text from Shige Hasegawa:


My name is Shige Hasegawa (Shige Hasegawa Design), freelance designer from Tokyo. I am going to attend Mirano Salone Satellite 2009. And I will show these two new Hana table and Hana stretch.


Theme of the show is Flower (Hana in Japanese ). And I use Origami (folding paper) technique to design the table and the light.

Hana table is made by 5 plywood legs. These legs are all same shape and they stand by themselves. It has no screws or nails to hold the 1100φglass top. Also it will be easy packing.

Hana stretch is made by iron frame and stretch fabric. The fabric has zipper and can be taken off and washed. Also has color variations.

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  • Katsudon

    Wonderful, especially the table and its mounting system.

  • modular

    This is corny

  • toodles

    i don’t really like it but i must say that the table has a definate voice. Could easily become a piece of worthy note. congratulations on a refined presentation.

  • Edward A.

    Wow. . . the table is unique and inspiring – a work of art. I can’t wait to see it at salone!

  • xtiaan

    twee as f*%K,

    flowers? come on our planet is ready to grind to an abrubt halt and your thinking about flowers?

  • Christian A.

    Corny, possibly. But beautiful none the less and executed flawlessly.

  • Post

    i think it looks like cheesy ikea kitsch … the lamps more than the table

  • Umeda is back…

  • Ica

    this is a very unique and special design. a show off piece.