Dezeen’s top ten: pavilions



Dezeen's top ten: this month's top ten features the most clicked-on Dezeen stories about pavilions. In first place is the Zaragoza Bridge Pavilion by Zaha Hadid Architects (above).

2: Zaha Hadid has also bagged second place with the Chanel Contemporary Art Container.


3: in third place is a pavilion designed by Explorations Architecture for the Chateau de Versailles in France.


4: fourth most popular is the Danish pavilion designed by Copenhagen architects BIG for Expo 2010 in Shanghai next year, which will include 1500 bicycles for use by visitors.


5: fifth most-viewed is Prada Transformer by Office for Metropolitan Architecture/Rem Koolhaas, a portable, shape-shifting cultural pavilion that opened in Seoul in April. See renderings here and the completed pavilion here.


6: Galeria Adriana Varejão pavilion by Rodrigo Cerviño Lopez is sixth most-viewed.


7: next up is this year's Serpentine Pavilion by Japanese architects SANAA, which is due to open next month.


8: another proposal for Expo 2010 in Shanghai: the Austrian pavilion by Vienna practices Span and Zeytinoglu comes in eighth.


9: the Swoosh Pavilion created by students at the Architectural Association school in London last summer is at number nine.


10: one more from Zaha Hadid - in tenth place is the Burnham Pavilion, a temporary structure in Millennium Park, Chicago, due to open this month.

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  • dha

    why repeating so much Zaha..?

  • steve

    They all look very cool indeed…

    But I thought that the c-space pavilion deserved a place surely ..?

  • Great list. It seems your readers like Zaha a lot.

  • N

    3 pavilions by zaha hadid in the top ten pavilions in the world? I’m sorry but there’s far too much favouritism and narrow mindedness here and nowhere near enough research. Off the top of my head, what about Peter Salter?

  • N

    In addition, why so many speculative projects? there are so many good ones that have already been built!

  • N

    ok…the most clicked on pavilions is the point of the article. Thats kind of boring…

  • MAX


  • karl koch

    what about the Kivik Pavilion by Chipperfield?

  • karl koch
  • Stefan

    Once again… MOST CLICKED ON!!!