House+ by Pracownia Architektury Głowacki



Polish architects Pracownia Architektury Głowacki have completed a tiled family home near Wroclaw in Poland.


The cross-shaped building has four wings and is based on pre-war farm buildings typical of the area.


The exterior walls and pitched roofs of the house are clad in the same material.


Here's a little more information from PAG:


The building is located in the Sudety Foothills, on a large plot separated from its neighbors by some woodland. Its form recalls the pre-war country farm buildings characteristic of Lower Silesia.


Two elongated masses topped by a pitched roof form a cross with four wings, thus dividing the plot and decreasing the scale of the house by framing the views.


It also contains protected annexes and differentiates functional zones.


In order to make the mass homogenous, both the roof and walls were faced with one kind of material: fiber cement tiles.


Pracownia Architektury Głowacki PAG is a young and dynamically developing design office set in Wrocław, Poland, established in 2005 by architect Tomasz Głowacki and based on his previous practice. PAG won numerous awards and honourable mentions in both polish and international competitions proving its potential and competences.


Each of design problems that we come across is treated individually. We seek unique and adequate answers set in the context of the plot and accenting its genius loci, still respecting investor's demands and functional programme.


The solutions that we come up with are the consequences of finding the right idea as an optimal spatial algorithm which strictly defines all aspects of the final design.


Pragmatic and laconic solutions, formal and material restraint are characteristic of PAG. Narrowing means of expression tends to intensify the architectural values and leaves space for the dialog between people and architecture and the transcendent beauty to appear to each of us filtrated by own peculiar sensitivity.


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  • T Sandwich

    Amazing!!! — this house really looks like a house.

  • hj

    why this new Polish generation of architects are so obsessed with cladding archetypical houses with a single material? just curious, not judging anybody, just want to know where it comes from.

  • ststst

    its not only polish architects, hj ;)
    I like it anyway

  • bartek

    Bravo Tomek!

  • matthias

    @hj: it may be coming from our attempts to maintain the emotional connection with the building tradition, while constantly struggling to prove that the tradition is not limiting our creativity. It’s like a dissociative identity disorder ;) Some architects are managing better than others.

  • Fru

    I love the house but unfortunately I can not pronounce “koninginnedag”

  • matthias

    “Holland, Poland. What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
    By any other name would smell as sweet”

  • kfir galatia azulay

    when i see these plans of this amazing house i feel the emotion and the spirituality
    and i start to sink in the lake of magic

    the elegant axis (both of them) lead my thought.