A cup of coffee by Ryohei Yoshiyuki



Japanese designer Ryohei Yoshiyuki has designed an ash tray made of used coffee grounds.


The coffee is meant to absorb the smell from the cigarette ash.


Here's a little more from Yoshiyuki:


The name of project is "a cup of coffee".

Some people has habit that putting coffee grounds to the ashtray, so that it takes the smell.


From that habit, I designed ashtray "a cup of coffee" which out of coffee beans after we made coffee. It could fit for a cigarette with your "a cup of coffee".

A man
A break
A cup of coffee
A cigarette
even that little time might be the best moment in your day.


A cup of coffee is the ash tray that is made of the coffee beans that after we made coffee.

Enjoy a cigarette like you enjoy a cup of coffee.

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  • I like the ashtray but I dig the poetry of the explanation even more and also the poetry in the poetry of the explanation.

  • Lovely

    I hope this is a joke. If not, it’s disturbing to see something like this published in Dezeen. Those sorts of ideas can only occur to a person on a heavy hangover. A coffee ground ashtray – now you room will reek not only of cigarette smoke, but also of moldy coffee grounds. Enjoy! Is Dezeen running out of material or simply beginning to slip in the time of economical crises.

  • charlie chan

    simple smart and pretty.
    what can i ask more.

  • His design is simple , poetic and gentle.
    He is the genuine designer which Japan is proud of.

  • sk

    That’s great. These really fit together cause both stink.

  • Darren

    Feels a bit like a shin azumi and a naoto fukasawa combined together..

    Nevertheless, nice job there~!

  • Shireen

    ohh as a fan of coffee, cigarettes and recyling – im all for this (in principle). not sure how it works in practice though..?

  • Tristan

    I made an ashtray out of rose petals cause roses smell pretty.

    SO WHAT.

  • Donn

    The absurd thing about this design is that he wants to save the coffee grounds as an ashtray and not re-use them to fertilize the earth. Whereas the cigarette but that is put into the ashtray will last many years in the environment. If he had a design to recycle the cigarette but, that would be interesting.

    Stop the greenwashing!

  • miki

    good job!! very good for environment :) i like its title cuz its not actually ” a cup of coffee”.  i support♪日本人♪

  • justin

    A clever idea, assuming the fabrication process is simple. Some environmental facts for the multiple misinformed comments:

    The ash tray can still be composted after use…this just adds an extra stage to the life cycle of the material, and is therefore beneficial.

    Smoking is terrible for the environment, and recycling the occasional coffee ground pile does not balance this out.

    Coffee grounds smell bad and become moldy when they are left moist. Wet grounds will however dry quickly when well ventilated, particularly after having been compressed to form this ashtray. In other words, this will not have a bad odor.

  • kingwahhaha

    I appreciate it as it attempted to solve a environmental problem rather than most of the others who just play with the appearance.

  • sakshi khanna

    smart…simple…. and easy…
    smart commonsense….still a great idea!
    loved it!

  • KB

    What a great idea. Designers: take this idea farther!

  • Dan the Man

    It’s funny how similar ideas seem to pop up at the same time. I saw a television item on a young dutch designer’s work whose doing the exact same thing:

  • YT

    well..i think this is original, some may don’t like it…
    I see this as a good way to make use of remnant after making a coffee…
    no need to keep it for long, disposable yet environmental friendly…

    thou, I still don’t think smoking is good

  • orange peel

    So many comments here come from completely the wrong direction. This is not an “environmental” proposal to change the world, just a simpler, purer solution when compared to what is an already common thing, at least here in Asia – i.e. putting coffee grounds in ashtrays.

  • orange peel

    Let’s save the planet, one ashtray at a time! Come on, coffee grounds make very good fertiliser don’t they? Perhaps such a use might be more suitable to analyse in environmental terms.

    This is not a “green” project, and the designers don’t claim it as such… simply an innovative jump, and a cool solution which uses the contained as container – get with the program people!