Taxidermy artwork by Idiots



Amsterdam artists Afke Golsteijn and Floris Bakker of Idiots have sent us images of their new collection of jewellery and objects featuring stuffed animals.


Each piece features stuffed animals embellished with beads, combined with found objects or completed with blown glass.


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Here's some information about the artists from Art Kitchen Gallery:


The art of the artist duo Idiots, by Afke Golsteijn and Floris Bakker, is characterized by the use of animal material that is carefully patched up and put into significant positions, combined with rich materials such as embroidery, pearls and gold.


A contemporary touch is given to the classical memento mori concept, questioning the way the world nowadays seems to be determined by nothing else than just marketing.


In a constantly twisting play between fantasy and reality Idiots emphasizes the borderline between life and death.


The striking beauty and the vividness of the animals that figure in the works provoke an immediate attraction, but directly after the first glance one starts wondering what is going on exactly, thrilled by the perspective of transience that is brought forward.


Animals are reborn to remind people of the life they lived, but also to suggest an alternative history, in which they rule the world.


The resemblance to the archetypes known from fables and fairy tales is obvious.


From a similar moral perspective Idiots criticizes the contemporary way of life, although the representation of these famous stories is not the duo’s main aspiration.


If one can speak of a certain objective in Idiots’ art it is to bring people closer to an honest perception of reality pictured through a lens of critical fantasy.


Text by art Kitchen Gallery.


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  • Nasty Tramp

    this is all getting ridiculous.

  • EF


  • greg

    “thrilled by the perspective of transience that is brought forward”


  • Donn

    Sick! All taxidermy should be banned. Let's stuff your grandmother and put her in contorted positions. Respect all dead and living things.

    • Booger

      Well which is it? Ban taxidermy or stuff granny?

  • isla

    woooow, very powerfull, kind of , to much powerfull, but cool

  • emma


  • mil


  • stephan

    disturbing in some way…

  • I don’t like this. As Donn says, this shall all be banned.

  • toodles

    this is not good. not different. not smart. not shocking. just plain nothing. the name ‘idiots’ is very fitting.

    also by giving yourself the name ‘idiots’ it basically lets everyone know that you have nothing serious or substantial to say. idiots dealing with dead animals is a very sad thing.


  • Telllsitlikeitis

    Animal “rights” activists screaming for a ban in 5, 4, 3, 2 … ahh whatever.
    Too late.

    Funny stuff. Keep them coming.

  • jack the ripper

    even if the swan is strangely beautiful and clever , this is too …. sinister , even for me .

  • andrea

    very very sad and poor design… and very sad to see them still published on dezeen.. are all the editors getting lazy in vacation? This kind of products have nothing to do with design and art. Is just pointless “lets shock the audience with disturbing objects” exercise made by pretending to be artists bored people. just bad stuff

  • toodles

    Telllsitlikeitis <- maybe you should join these ‘idiots’


  • rik

    I think it’s refreshing. So let’s do it … let’s contemplate.

  • ana

    brilliant use of recycling. blaaaahhhh too all of those who poo-poo the work.

  • JZ

    Oh no. Come on Dezeen, there’s so much shitty art out there, please keep it out of here.

  • “Banned”?? Good lord. I should hope not. That being said, I find most of these pieces pretty unconvincing. Not a big fan of shock art tho’, me.

  • If we believe in democracy, we must tolerate others opinions, even if it is against our view point…

    Marcel Duchamp wasn't better with its fountain /urinal object.

    Anyway, even if I don't like at all this "Art…" who cares!

    Francois Beydoun

    • ppp

      Free of speech means that everyone has the right to express their opinions. And that anyone has the right of saying that they think their opinion is horrible. It does not mean we don't have the right to criticize.

      By the way, this is really creepy

      • booger

        So true. We also have no right to ban or outlaw that which we find distasteful.

  • anne


  • very average use of powerful material and subject matter.

  • W

    Nothing wrong with taxidermy- see also Polly Morgans beautiful work

  • amsam

    Startling and difficult but worthwhile. Not less interesting than Hirst in any case…

  • ‘Not less interesting than Hirst’

    Well that shows a serious lack of interest in either I’d say…

  • sk

    I think it is just not well done. Seen projects with the same idea built more carefully and in a much better way.

  • Teddy

    I don’t find any of this shocking or disgusting, but I am searching for a little meaning.. While most of these pieces don’t seem too challenging as Art, the texture of the “Tweeter” Headphones and the whimsy of Duck stole allude to things outside themselves (imagine wearing those headphones, that visual projection of the physical sensation and reality of the birds’ sound–or the traditional fox stole with the clip made from the jaws of the animal, and how it comically changes with the head of a duck… reminds me of Bjork’s costume a few years ago), and I like all of them aesthetically. Unfortunately, when placed together with a shoe stepping on a pigeon’s head, none of them make any sense.

  • Eduardo Alvares

    I think the group they belong has the right name

  • Have I seen it before?
  • helen tip

    have I seen this before too??!!!

  • zerocharisma

    i think these people did a cut in half lion too. it is by far one of the most shameful things i have seen. really really sad.

  • hmmm…I feel like the concept could have been brought across in a far less cruel way. The point was lost on me after the head phones….

  • anna

    you should see (scrol down a bit)

  • Josh

    I wonder, looking back at the ’00s, if we will regard “Look at Me!” as the legacy of this period.

    Taxidermy as a medium has become a veritable snowclone in recent years. This collection of self-satisfied work does nothing to sway my opinion.

  • Salvadore

    it is interesting but it is painful for me to see this animals like this!

  • Japr

    if the main aim was being provocative, that aim is not much accomplished. it’s a pack of deja-vus with some make up for glueing together the whole collection. the more provocative things want to be, the less they get to shock anyone.

  • SKD

    interesting but sick…

  • JC

    Idiots, indeed.

  • miez

    taxidermy isn’t about killing animals for ‘art’ but working with animals that died of natural causes or from roadkill. animals that would be otherwise thrown into the bin… I guess most of you people eat meat or wear leather, maybe you should think about that for some minutes.. taxidermy is one of the oldest crafts and it is another way to celebrate life and rescpect death and remind us that everything is transient. you people shouldn’t judge so quickly. inform yourself before making lame comments, think outside your little boxes… I don’t like everything what idiots do, but it’s too easy to rate it down because you simply didn’t understand or it’s nto your taste, but taste hasn’t something to do with good or bad

  • Leila

    Their work is like Angela Singers only they are not activists using old taxidermy

  • Ted

    amazing. creative, avant guarde.

  • fran

    Being a jewellery design student, I think these pieces are beautiful! And I dont see the problem with using animals for art, I eat meat, so why waste the fur?! when it could be used in a creative way like this. having learnt taxidermy myself I think, I feel inspired… so off to get myself a rabbit to stuff. hopefully I'll be on here soon too, upsetting all those small minded people with my ART! :P

  • Massimo

    shame on you…

  • Ssae

    First one on the no gun list.