The Minerals Collection by Lazerian



London Design Festival 09: Manchester designer Liam Hopkins of Lazerian has created a collection of candle holders shaped like laboratory beakers.


The range is named the Minerals Collection because each design is named after a different mineral used to add colour to candles.


Made of beech, the collection consists of five shapes available in three sizes.


The designs will be launched at 100% design in London next month.

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Here's some more information from Liam Hopkins:


Candle holders.

Lazerian's philosophy of experimental practice can again be seen in their latest range of Candle holders "The minerals collection".


Drawing inspiration from science experimentation, Liam Hopkins has managed to integrate the fields of practical science exploration and experimental design practice. Liam began the process by careful investigation into how candles are formed and how they burn, each resulting in a unique final form.


During research his attention was drawn towards Conical flasks and their distinctive appearance.


By incorporating the aesthetic qualities of the flasks into a functional candle holder, Lazerian have made it possible for each customer to have a unique product which, through use will increasingly resemble a functional conical flask.


Each of the 5 designs are made of high quality solid beech and take their name from minerals that are used to give the candles their distinct colour.


The range is available in 3 sizes, to be released at 100% design in September along with a selection of other new designs.

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  • I am sorry but could we be a little more critical about the products?
    This is not so briliant, the publicity pictures are a bore. the colours are badly choosen and the forms are old.

    This is marketing language:
    Lazerian have made it possible for each customer to have a unique product which, through use will …

  • Quite heavy for the eyes…

    Francois Beydoun

  • Lovely. And even better that he’s a Manchester boy – although you could probably tell that just from the hair and the Adidas tracksuit top!

  • timtams

    verweij – i agree
    wasn’t this one of the compulsory things you had to do in school – at least in swedish “woodwork-shop” when you were around 12-13 yrs old?

  • And why not just use the beakers as candle holders?

  • ” iam began the process by careful investigation into how candles are formed and how they burn”

    Isn’t it standard design proces that you research the basic functionalities? It sounds as if every step a designer does is brilliant. wich is not the case.

  • tron_the_movie

    looking at the guy in the photos, i feel like i want to give him a go. doing his thing in the workshop. not hurting anyone. minding his own. the pieces aren’t anything special but he has completed a project. it’s pretty clean and clear. well done. give the guy a break.

  • Manuel

    Guys don’t be so hard.
    It’s not gonna change the world but as pictures it looks nice.

  • Manuel

    Guys you’ve been too hard!
    Ok, it’s not a project that makes design history, and probably it’s not very enviromental friendly either ( 99% of things aren’t)…. BUT… it looks nice and I’m sure this guys is going to think about the sense much more next time, and come out with a very good product.

  • I do feel that the choice of candles are giving the project an even more pedestrian feel….

  • KWS

    If you could pick and choose the flask sizes, this would make a nice gift for a Jewish scientist.